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Atthamhi jātamhi sukhā sahāyā;
tuṭṭhī sukhā yā itarītarena;
puññaṃ sukhaṃ jīvitasaṅkhayamhi,
sabbassa dukkhassa sukhaṃ pahānaṃ.

Good are friends when need arises;
good is contentment with just what one has;
good is merit when life is at an end,

and good is the abandoning of all suffering.

—Dhammapada 23.331

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Pāli Workshops


  • Introductory (USA): July 2 -11 (Sean Salkin)
  • Intermediate (USA): July 11-14 (Sean Salkin)
  • Introductory (Israel): Oct 5-8 (Klaus Nothnagel)


  • Introductory (USA): February 5 - 12 (Adriana Patiño)
  • Introductory (USA): June 3 -18 (Klaus Nothnagel)

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Isa patha maṅgala mūla hai,
isa patha hai kalyāṇa.
Isa patha para jo bhī cale,
pāya sukhoṅ kī khāna.

This path is the source of well-being,
this is the path of welfare.
Whoever walks upon this path
finds a storehouse of happiness.

—S.N. Goenka

Pilgrimages to India & Nepal and Burma

Along the Path – India & Nepal

  • Standard: October 31 to November 21, 2016
  • Deluxe: January 27 to Feburary 16, 2017
  • Standard: February 3 to 24, 2017

The Golden Path – Burma

  • November 29 to December 16, 2016

Off the Beaten Path – India

  • February 20 to March 6, 2017

En Español: A lo largo del camino – India y Nepal

  • 26 de Febrero al 19 de Marzo 2017

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