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"Come and See!" from Realizing Change

Saturday, April 2, 2016

“After finishing high school I was not sure what to study next. Philosophy was one of the possibilities, it seemed interesting, but I knew I did not really want to learn other people’s theories and thoughts, but rather how to live a good life myself. Wisdom was what I was looking for . . . .”

In this final Realizing Change Dhamma podcast, Come and See!, meditators share stories confirming that the search for truth is a very personal journey. An ancient technique of meditation, Vipassana is as relevant now as in the past and the direct personal experience of one’s own inner reality, mind and body, as it changes moment to moment, is at the core of the practice.

12 - Come and See!
as read by Ian Hetherington
recorded 2014/2015
29 minutes

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Realizing Change: Copyright, 2016 Pariyatti

There is more information about vipassana meditation at Dhamma.org, and books and audio resources available for purchase in the Pariyatti bookstore.

May all beings be happy!

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