Words of Dhamma Desktop Software

Words of Dhamma is a small inspirational program that can be downloaded and installed on computers that use Microsoft Windows. Every hour a small box will appear and verses will be displayed for a short time.

The program contains nearly 1400 different quotations including the complete Dhammapada, sayings of Sayagyi U Ba Khin and Hindi dohas by S.N. Goenka.

This new version contains several hundred new quotations and also the stories associated with each Dhammapada verse. The ability to copy and print the verses has now been added along with several other enhancements.

Installation Instructions (Requires Windows 95/98, NT4, or XP)
1. Download 'Setup.exe' to your hard drive.
2. Double click on 'Setup.exe'.
3. After installation is complete you can delete 'Setup.exe' file.

Note: The Pali font will be automatically installed to the font directory during installation but some systems are configured in a nonstandard way and the font will not install. If you experience any problems, manually install pton.ttf to your font directory.