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Our Best and Most Lasting Gift: The Universal Features of Meditation (University of Washington, Seattle)

September 12, 2016

Our Best and Most Lasting Gift: The Universal Features of Meditation
a lecture by Paul R. Fleischman, M.D.
delivered at the University of Washington, Seattle

This talk was originally written in response to an invitation from multiple sponsors at Yale University. Various versions of this talk were given at Northeastern University, New York University, The University of Washington, Seattle; The University of British Columbia, Vancouver; the University of Colorado, Boulder; Harvard University, and Brown University, as well as at Dhamma Patapa Vipassana Center, Georgia.

This version of the talk was recorded at the The University of Washington, Seattle is geared more towards a university audience. It is a little more technical, and may perhaps be appreciated more by someone familiar with biological understanding. It looks upon meditation from a biological standpoint.

Another recording of this talk from the University of Colorado and is meant as an introductory talk that uses no technical language, and that contains explanations that require no previous biological knowledge. If you want to listen to both talks, consider listening to the Colorado talk first.

Paul R. Fleischman
audio recorded at The University of Washington, Seattle
April 21, 2016
1 hour 4 minutes
PDF download of the talk also available below

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Copyright, 2016 Paul R. Fleischman

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