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Deeper Aspects of Sīla

June 12, 2020

An ethical life is composed of purity of action, purity of speech and purity of livelihood. Upholding it requires not only determination but proper comprehension as well. From the perspective of abstaining (vārittaṃ) to the perspective of performing (cārittaṃ), this talk aims to support the understanding of the deeper aspects of Sīla. Integrating selected quotes from the direct words of the Buddha and the commentaries, it highlights the different aspects of Sīla, proceeding in the order of the precepts. It addresses the detailed definition of each precept, the underlying volition of the act to be performed, its manifestation and its results.

Deeper Aspects of Sīla by Klaus Nothnagel
Tel Aviv, Israel
February 28, 2020
83 minutes

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Copyright, 2020 Klaus Nothnagel

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