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Pariyatti Podcasts

S.N. Goenka - Art of Living

October 02, 2005

Here is an audio clip of "As the seed is, so the fruit will be..." from Pariyatti's resource library:

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This is our first Dhamma Podcast of a discourse by S.N. Goenka.

Full-length audio materials are available for purchasehere and for free here.

May all beings be happy!

S.N. Goenka - Questions and Answers from Meditation Now talks

July 15, 2002

Each Meditation Now podcast consists of a talk by S. N. Goenka followed by Q & A with the audience. These recordings are being offered in full as part of our monthly podcasts. If you are interested in listening to only the Q & A from the Meditation Now talks we offer them here:


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