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Sayagyi U Ba Khin Journal 

Pariyatti Edition 2017

This new Pariyatti Edition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin Journal by VRP (Vipassana Research Publications)​ is a high-quality printing, commemorating U Ba Khin's exemplary life and teaching. It contains a selection of his discourses, and biographical sketches of his life and the lives of the teachers who preceded him.
Included are essays about his noteworthy career by his renowned disciple, S.N. Goenka, as well as articles on different aspects of the Vipassana meditation technique. This journal, originally published in 1991, marked the first time much of this material appeared together in one collection in English.  ​
Several years before he died, Sayagyi composed the discourse ‘The Essentials of Buddha-Dhamma in Meditative Practice’ in English; particularly for his Western students. He read it to students on a number of occasions. After his death, the discourse was transcribed from an audio recording. Below an excerpt of the transcribed discourse, as published in the Sayagyi U Ba Khin Journal. ​
Anicca, dukkha and anattā —impermanence, suffering and egolessness — are the three essential characteristics of things in the teaching of the Buddha. If you know anicca correctly, you know dukkha as its corollary and anattā as ultimate truth. It takes time to understand the three together.
Impermanence (anicca) is, of course, the essential fact, which must be first experienced and understood by practice. Mere book-knowledge of the Buddha-Dhamma* will not be enough for the correct understanding of anicca because the experiential aspect will be missing. It is only through experiential understanding of the nature of anicca as an ever-changing process within yourself that you can understand anicca in the way the Buddha would like you to understand it. As in the days of the Buddha, so too now, this understanding of anicca can be developed by persons who have no book-knowledge whatsoever of Buddhism.
To understand impermanence (anicca), one must follow strictly and diligently the Eightfold Noble Path, which is divided into the three groups of sīla, samādhi and paññā—morality, concentration and wisdom. Sīla or virtuous living is the basis for samādhi (control of the mind, leading to one-pointedness). It is only when samādhi is good that one can develop paññā. Therefore, sīla and samādhi are the prerequisites for paññā. By paññā is meant the understanding of anicca, dukkha and anattā through the practice of Vipassana, i.e., insight meditation.
* The word 'Buddha' means a person who is fully enlightened. 'Dhamma' means nature. Hence, 'Buddha-Dhamma' means the nature of an enlightened person. All persons—whoever they may be, if they are really and fully enlightened—must have the same nature: that is, total freedom from craving, aversion, delusion. (S.N. Goenka)
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Dana Distribution Fund (DDF)

Pariyatti exists to bring people into contact with the teachings of the Buddha, providing resources in the Theravāda tradition, supporting Pāli language students and Vipassana meditators - in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. Goenka. 
Keeping our book prices low and offering specialized, hard-to-find, low-volume titles, as well as services that go beyond publishing, selling and distributing (such as many online resources, pilgrimages and Pāli workshops), Pariyatti relies on a combination of sales revenue and donations.
General donations help cover necessary costs includes staffing, software and operating expenses, but Pariyatti has several Donation Funds in place, to provide donors the option to allocate their donation. 
The Dana Distribution Fund (DDF) is designed to get books into the hands of those who can't easily afford them, such as monks, nuns, monasteries, budding Dhamma centers and prisoners.  
Recently, the DDF covered the shipping costs as well as added extra books to a book order by a monastery, provided several boxes of free books to two other monastery libraries, filled the Dhamma servers' library in a newly built Vipassana Meditation Center, and provided Mahasatipatthana Sutta books in several languages for the Satipatthana courses at various North American Vipassana Centers.
Besides allocated donations, there are two other ways money enters the DDF. Each month Pariyatti transfers $100 into the account. In our catalog there are also 27 books that we offer free of charge, with the option to give a donation; 100% of the donations collected from these books supports the DDF.
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Pāli Workshops


We have uploaded images of the recent residential Pāli and Abhidhamma workshops, taught by Dr. Ravindra Panth in Temecula, California on our Facebook page. Feel free to take a look!


In our previous newsletter we already reported on the Pāli workshop, which students had found inspiring.

During the workshop gender segregation was maintained, and sunbathing/swimming off limits,
but the pool area turned out to be an enjoyable place to eat lunch outdoors.

The Abhidhamma, the third division of the Tipitaka, is the analytical doctrine of mental faculties and elements, in which everything is expressed in terms of the five aggregates of existence, the five sensory organs and mind, and their respective sense objects. 

It was the first time Pariyatti offered a workshop on this third Pitaka and, going by the feedback we received, students appreciated diving deeper into the theoretical aspect of Dhamma.​ Two participants of Dr. Panth's Abhidhamma workshop commented on it as follows: 


“Very systematic run through of the text. The text itself was the perfect choice, a very apt introduction to the Abhidhamma. Not too dry, not too elaborate, just right. Great food, great site, very good accommodations, very gracious servers, pleasant people all around, and the perfect schedule that balanced learning and meditation. This was a very helpful course for me”.


“Having such a workshop available is invaluable - there is nowhere else for someone in our tradition to get such information. Having Dr. Panth - someone who can speak from both the scholarly side and the patipatti side (no less in this tradition!) is invaluable. Going through the text was very helpful”.


The book covered during the workshop was A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma and is available from our website for selfstudy.  

Upcoming Date:

 Introductory Pāli Workshop

by Klaus Nothnagel


California, USA
June 3-18, 2017


Klaus Nothnagel, who will be teaching the coming Pāli course in June, was a participant in one of the first year-long Pāli study programs at the Vipassana Research Institute (VRI) in India. He holds degrees in Pāli from both the VRI and the Bombay University. It was S.N. Tandon (the first Pāli teacher appointed by S.N. Goenka) who encouraged Klaus to find an approach to teaching Pāli that emphasizes the content of the text rather than focusing on grammar.

In his workshops participants receive an introduction to Pāli grammar and then spend the majority of their time reading and translating suttas, and some of the morning chantings by Goenkaji from the 10-day Vipassana courses. The suttas are selected with the aim to inspire meditators to walk the Path as taught by the Buddha, as they provide deeper insight into some of the essential aspects relevant to meditators. 

View a video from his 2013 workshop in Oregon, USA.

Servers needed...

There are still servers needed for the workshop in Temecula, California June 3- 18, 2017. Serving a Pāli workshop is a wonderful and rare opportunity to develop one's pāramīs, strengthen one's practice, and meet many Dhamma friends. During breaks, or once their duties are done, servers can join the sessions and receive the benefit of learning the direct words of the Buddha. Please consider supporting this workshop by giving service.

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Upcoming Dates:

Along the Path - India & Nepal
October 31 to November 21, 2017


February 28 to March 21, 2018


February 8 to 23, 2018 (In Chinese language only)


The Golden Path – Burma
December 13 to 30, 2017 

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Daily Words

saṃyamena damena ca,
dīpaṃ kayirātha medhāvī
yaṃ ogho nābhikīrati.




By effort and heedfulness,
discipline and self-mastery,
let the wise one make for oneself
an island which no flood can overwhelm.


Dhammapada 2.25

The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom 
translated from Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita


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