Following the footsteps of the Buddha in India and Nepal was a unique experience and to experience the vibrations of the stupas, monasteries, and relics has given my practice that much more meaning.

Our guide had a strong knowledge of the sites and Indian culture and strong leadership qualities: a serious meditator, structured and disciplined yet playful enough to lighten the stress of travel, and always open to feedback and questions.

Along with giving three months of Dhamma Service last year, this was the best thing I have done in my whole life! I was humbled, inspired, motivated, awe-struck, and challenged and feel more gratitude for my fortunate life as a result.

The most valuable part for me was to learn more about the teachings of the Buddha in a very safe, comfortable and social environment with other like-minded people.

The pilgrimage more than fulfilled its mission. Not only did I learn more about the Buddha but I also deepened my meditation practice. I was grateful we meditated at least twice per day and had half-day and full-day sits!

I want to thank Pariyatti for making this opportunity possible. You have truly made a difference in the lives of many people.

The organization of the entire pilgrimage from start to finish was phenomenal. From day one I was impressed.