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Image U Ba Khin, IMC
A photo of Sayagyi U Ba Khin is displayed at the International Meditation Centre, Yangon. The IMC is one of the locations visited during a The Golden Path pilgrimage through Burma (Myanmar),
following the footsteps of Vipassana meditation teachers in our tradition.

Meditation Shawls

Range of Colors Restocked
We have restocked our range of meditation shawls to keep you comfortable on the cushion this autumn. 
The shawls come in various colors and designs, and cover the average person easily from shoulder to knee. Made of 100% wool, the shawls are nice and soft, and very lightweight. They are perfect for meditating at home as well as to take with you on your travels.
The whole collection can be found in the meditation accessories section on our website.
Collage tricolor and single color meditation shawls

Buddhist Parables Discounted

Buddhist Parables by Eugene Watson Burlingame contains more than two hundred similes, allegories, parables, fables and other anecdotes found in the Pāli Buddhist texts and said to have been employed, either by the Buddha himself or by his followers to convey moral and ethical lessons.
For the coming 14 days this item is on sale with 20% off…
Order - 20% Discount
Pariyatti Learning Center logo
Lesson 3.7.10 of our Pāli online-learning program Exploring the Path has been uploaded under the title Soṇakoḷivisavatthu—Balanced Endeavour should Resemble properly tuned Strings of a Veeṇa.
The lesson contains the example of the young boy Soṇa Koḷivisa who, after a visit to his King Seniya Bimbisāro of Māgadha, came to listen to the discourse of the Buddha and got inspired to leave the householder’s life and retired to a solitary retreat at a cool, shady grove named Sītavane. Here he decided to put forth special efforts in his meditation and allowed himself the two extreme positions of standing and walking only.
As an extremely tender person who wasn’t used to such tedious practices his path soon got covered with blood as if a slaughter of cattle had been performed. Here the Buddha stepped in and gave the Venerable Soṇa the advice by referring to the quality of—indriyasamattapaṭipādanā—cultivating consistency of balance in the five controlling faculties, one of the benefactors for the successful development of the seven factors of enlightenment as elucidated in the previous lesson.
The Buddha’s advice was that ‘putting forth too strenuous energy (accāraddhavīriyaṃ) was conducive to restlessness, but energy being put forth too sluggish was conducive to slothfulness and therefore, all energy exerted should be evenly (vīriyasamathaṃ).’
Following the Buddha’s advice in the described manner the Venerable Soṇa attained Arahanthood and was later announced foremost in putting forth energy by the Buddha. Soṇa is counted amongst the forty-one Mahātheras who received an etadagga-title: ‘Etadaggaṃ, bhikkhave, mama sāvakānaṃ bhikkhūnaṃ āraddhavīriyāṃ yadidaṃ Soṇa Koḷiviso.’
Take Lesson 3.7.10

Pāli Workshop in Costa Rica: a First

Mastering guttural, palatal, dental, and nasal sounds
Studying Pāli can be very beneficial to meditators as improved knowledge of the direct words of the Buddha can help one develop a greater understanding of the theoretical aspect of Dhamma, and inspiration to keep practicing. 
This is something that Goenkaji emphasized during his life and also corresponds with the feedback we have received from participants of the various residential Pāli workshops Pariyatti has helped facilitate over the years. Pariyatti’s Pāli workshops are open for old students of S.N. Goenka, who practice Vipassana meditation regularly.
Recently two Pāli workshops were held in Latin America in the Spanish language; 15 students participated in an introductory workshop in Mexico, and 12 students in Costa Rica. The usual length of introductory workshops is eight or nine days, but these were held over six-day periods; fitting in with the schedule of the rental locations. Teacher Adriana Patiño had been very accommodating and had adjusted the schedule accordingly.
Karim, organizer and participant (of the workshop in Costa Rica) said he felt very fortunate to have been able to participate, and that the workshop had indeed been very inspiring to him. He mentioned that his experience had been much deeper than he had anticipated; not dissimilar to that of a deep silent Vipassana retreat.
The participants learned to read, pronounce and chant a variety of texts; among those the opening formalities of a 10-day Vipassana course which include the precepts, the surrender and the request of Dhamma, as well as  the Karaniya and the Mangala Sutta (chanted by Goenkaji on Day 3 and Day 9 of a 10-day course).
Listen to the participants of the workshop in Costa Rica recite Pāli in a short video on Facebook:
Collage images Costa Rica Pali workshop
Pāli courses cannot take place at a Vipassana Meditation Center, as centers are dedicated to the practice of Vipassana only. An old student kindly donated the use of her holiday property in the hills of Temecula, California- providing a very suitable off-center location for our workshops in the USA. The locations in other countries are carefully chosen as well, and the boutique hotel in Costa Rica with it’s mountain views was certainly conducive to an atmosphere of meditation and study. “It was ideal,” Karim said, “there was a river running on the property, and plenty of space to study and walk.”
The upcoming workshop in Poland will take place at a wonderful personal development/retreat center, with cottages surrounded by lots of trees; the location in Israel is even more unique: a quaint Desert Inn in a town built on the cliffs of a massive crater in the Negev Desert.
Upcoming Pāli Workshops (2019)
Introductory (Poland 🇵🇱): November 19 - December 1, 2019 (Klaus Nothnagel)
Introductory (Israel 🇮🇱): February 19 - 24, 2020
 (Klaus Nothnagel)
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Pariyatti organizes different pilgrimages for Vipassana meditators (as taught by S.N. Goenka). The itinerary of Along the Path enables the pilgrims to visit and meditate at the four great places related to the Buddha's life, as well as four other inspiring and important locations in India & Nepal; The Golden Path travels to the main sites associated with the chain of teachers in the tradition of Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka in Burma (Myanmar).
Shwedagon Pagoda by Night
The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, is believed to contain relics of the four previous Buddhas of the present kalpa. The 326-foot-tall (99 m) structure dominates the Yangon skyline.
Upcoming Pilgrimages
Along the Path - (North India & Nepal):
Den Pfad entlang - Indien & Nepal
朝圣路上 – 印度、尼泊尔
October 31 - November 21, 2019 (English-German)
31. Oktober bis 21. November 2019 (Englisch/Deutsch) 
Due to a recent cancellation one seat has opened up for this pilgrimage.
Applications are accepted until October 13.
Aufgrund einer kürzlich erfolgten Absage wurde ein Platz für diese Pilgerreise frei. 
Bewerbungen sind bis zum 13. Oktober möglich.
2020年1月20日至2月10日/ January 20 – February 10, 2020 (Chinese)
February 29 - March 21, 2020 (English)
The Golden Path - (Burma):
金色之旅 –缅甸朝圣
December 17, 2019 - January 3, 2020 (English/Chinese)
2019年12月17 - 2020年01月03 (中英文双语)
Application deadline October 10/申请截止日期10月10日
Weby Sayadaw temple
The Venerable Webu Sayadaw's Monastery in Ingyinbin, Burma,
is one of the places visited during
a The Golden Path pilgrimage
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