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Version 2 of our Daily Words of the Buddha App is available for download from the Apple App Store. The new Android update is also live and can be downloaded from Google Play Store…
The app gives a week’s worth of Daily Words of the Buddha, and also shows the Daily Dhamma Verses by Goenkaji and ‘a Pāli Word a Day’. Translations of the Pāli verses are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Serbo-Croatian. It is now possible to save your favorite verses, and share them too! 
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New in our Catalog 

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The classic Buddhism in a Nutshell is such an excellent introductory overview of the fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine that we can imagine readers picking it up time after time. Although we can’t promise it will last forever (anicca!), we printed the work on quality paper and bound it with a sturdy spine - to withstand regular usage*.
It contains topics as: the life of the Buddha, the Dhamma (Is it a philosophy? A religion? An ethical system?), the Four Noble Truths, the Law of Kamma, Rebirth, Dependent Origination, Anatta, and Nibbana.
*By agreement with the Buddhist Publication Society, Pariyatti republishes BPS books in the United States; the content is unchanged, but the quality meets western market standards. 
Excerpt chapter 1:
The Buddhas point out the path, and it is left for us to follow that path to obtain our purification. “To depend on others for salvation is negative, but to depend on oneself is positive.” Dependence on others means a surrender of one’s effort.
In exhorting his disciples to be self-dependent the Buddha says in the Parinibbāna Sutta: “Be islands unto yourselves, be a refuge unto yourselves, seek not for refuge in others.” These significant words are self-elevating. They reveal how vital is self-exertion to accomplish one’s object and, how superficial and futile is to seek redemption through benignant saviours and to crave for illusory happiness in an after-life through the propitiation of imaginary gods or by irresponsive prayers and meaningless sacrifices.
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from Pariyatti Publishing 
Snow in Summer
(in Farsi)

Sayadaw U Jotika

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Cultivating Inner Peace
Paul Fleischman - psychiatrist, author and Vipassana teacher - writes about the psychology, wisdom and poetry of those who have inspired him in his personal quest for harmony and happiness.
The learnable qualities of peaceful living are brought into focus by examining the lives of diverse exemplars such as Mahatma Gandhi, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, the Buddha, John Muir, Scott and Helen Nearing, and Rabindranath Tagore. The work also includes an autobiographical account of Fleischman’s own experience in practicing Vipassana.
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I observe my thoughts and find they are impersonal.
They arise and fade in me, they pass through me, the common
thoughts, the same thoughts all people think. Thoughts are pilgrims traversing the empty spaces of the world. And our minds are trails that record the footprints of their having passed.
We Bond Through Our Common Base - What hope do I find?
A new worldwide culture calls out for the cultivation of inner peace, and for its transpiration into the breath of common humanity, as the primary imperative of our lives. There is no city or country where the call of this aspiration and opportunity has not been heard.
Mexicans and Mongolians, Americans and Moldavians, click on the same web, and would be scorched by the same nuclear cloud. College students in Moscow, Boston, or Buenos Aires are thinking about environmental sustainability, and the limits of a fossil fuel economy. Policemen and prelates can no longer constrain access to ideas that leap the old national or religious boundaries, and that address the living planet as our shared household.
Meditation has stepped out from its Asian sequestration and has spread to every continent.
In Tel Aviv, Lima, and Teheran old and young people fall silent for ten days to practice Vipassana meditation intensely. Hundreds of thousands of people of varying backgrounds meditate at hundreds of courses. Not just new information or ideas emerge. Around the globe serious meditation is awakening new conformation of realization.
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Daily Words
Dhamma Verse
Śīla-dharama pālana bhalā,
niramala bhalī samādhi.
Pragyā to jāgrata bhalī,
dūra kare bhava vyādhi.
Good to practice morality,
good is right concentration,
good is the awakening of insight
to cure the ills of life.
– S.N. Goenka
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