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Submit your Questions about Cultivating Inner Peace...
Dear friends,
With the well-received Pariyatti Presents… event with Dr. Manish Chopra now in the past, we are looking ahead to the next event, with Dr. Paul R. Fleischman, coming up on October 24. During the pandemic Dr. Fleischman recorded his book Cultivating Inner Peace as an audiobook and we thought that was a good reason to invite the author/former psychiatrist/Vipassana teacher in the tradition of S.N. Goenka to join us for a discussion with Q&A.
This time, we will collect the questions prior to, rather than during the event itself. The book has been available for about 25 years and the Q&A aims at catering to those who have read the book (or listened to the audio version).
Do you have a question for Dr. Paul Fleischman about Cultivating Inner Peace? We welcome you to submit it via the Questions Contact Form; the deadline for sending in questions is Wednesday, October 20.
We look forward to yet another event among Dhamma friends!
Cultivating Inner Peace cover
October 24
Eastern Time
Dr. Paul R. Fleischman
Upcoming Event Details
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Wheel Booklets Auctioned on eBay

Wheel booklets in box
We are auctioning off our entire Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) Wheel Publication booklet inventory.
Published roughly between 1960 and 2007 in Sri Lanka, the renowned Wheel Publication series consists of substantial tracts covering a wide range of topics, dealing with various aspects of the Buddha’s teaching. From the analytical philosophy of the Abhidhamma to Buddhist perspectives on the ecocrisis; the series also includes translations of the Buddha’s discourses from the Pali Canon. The Wheel booklets measure 4.8" x 7.2".
The batch of 5,602 booklets (167 different titles) is a unique opportunity for a Buddhist bookstore, or a gift shop for instance, as most (if not all) wheels are not being reprinted separately anymore. The listing on eBay shows exactly which titles (and in what quantities) are included in this auction. 
The auction is for US shipping only. The calculated shipping costs of $600 (for the 24 boxes in total) are included in the price. 
24 boxes ready for shipping
Auction Ends on October 9
View & Place Bid on eBay

Now also Available in eBook Formats

Buddhist Dictionary
Buddhist Dictionary contains translations of important Pāli words and meditation terms (Roman-script Pāli and normal English) arranged in alphabetical order; definitions include a discussion of certain complex concepts; source references for many terms are provided.
(free) PDF
Buddhist Dictionary cover
A great dictionary to look up important Pāli words or terms, or find them when only knowing the English equivalent. This dictionary provides the reader not with a mere superficial enumeration of important Pāli terms and their English equivalents, but offers precise and authentic definitions and explanations of canonical and post-canonical terms and doctrines, based on Sutta, Abhidhamma and Commentaries, illustrated by numerous quotations taken from these sources.
The sixth revised edition is a cooperative effort of the BPS and Pariyatti; the abbreviation scheme and reference systems have been modernized, source notes—made in an age when digital search tools were not available—have been revised in order to accurately reflect the first occurrences.
Buddhist Dictionary (all formats)

Pariyatti Journal

With the Pariyatti Journal up and running now for a couple of months, we want to express our gratitude to the volunteers who initiated the project and keep it running. The Pariyatti Journal is an online forum by and for Vipassana meditators in our tradition, where we can share experiences, thoughts, and expressions—to stimulate deep reflection, inspiration, and intelligent conversation about meditation practice (on and off the cushion).
Any Vipassana meditator can contribute. If you have any reflections or insights to share, a Dhamma story to tell, or art to show; don't be shy. We would love to hear from you!
Laptop-notebook-pen: link to Pariyatti Journal
Generally we will mention new Pariyatti Journal entries in this newsletter, but there is an opportunity to directly subscribe to the journal as well. Recent entries in the journal are an artwork depicting the Buddha reaching parinibbāna (And Passing Away), a re-run of the piece by Kory Goldberg (one of the authors of Along the Path) titled Dhamma Practice in the Face of the Coronavirus, a wonderfully inspirational poem, and a scholarly piece by Bhikkhu Anālayo that finds passages on "understanding pain from a Dhamma perspective" in both Āgamas (discourses preserved primarily in Chinese translation) and their parallel Pāli Discourses.
Pandemia's Flower
by Samir Malhotra
Reaction roots the mind,
Anxieties left to grow.
Fearful emotives blossom.
Nectars of uncertainty flows,
Attracting humanities resilience,
The mind starts to slow.
Read entire poem...
Understanding Pain from a Dhamma Perspective
by Bhikkhun Anālayo
For many of us the Coronavirus pandemic has provided a strong confirmation of the importance of having a well-established insight meditation practice. In particular, the ability to face painful vedanās with inner composure and equanimity is such an important asset in many respects, enabling us to face the repercussions of the pandemic on others and on ourselves with equanimity, able to do the needful without becoming overwhelmed.

The Abyss of Pain
The experience of pain can at times be overwhelming, comparable to an abyss. Yet, with meditative training it becomes possible to avoid falling into this abyss. The two basic responses when facing this abyss of pain find expression in the following passage, which is taken from a Chinese Āgama discourse parallel to a Pāli discourse found in the Vedanā-saṃyutta (SN 36.4). Continue reading...
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cover Deepening Insight
The recent release Deepening Insight by Bhikkhu Bodhi is now available in PDF format, and can be downloaded for free.

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