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Interview with Manish Chopra
Manish Chopra, author of The Equanimous Mind, joins a Pariyatti Board member for an interview, followed by a live Q&A on Zoom, on Sunday, September 19. The event will be recorded, but if you can, make sure to join in live. Nothing beats experiencing the event together with other Dhamma friends—plus you'll have the chance for your questions to be answered!
Sunday, September 19
11am-1pm (EST)
The Equanimous Mind cover
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The Equanimous Mind (Second Edition) chronicles the author's experience of his first ten-day Vipassana meditation course and its life-changing impact on his personal and professional life. Manish Chopra, a senior partner at a global management consulting firm, describes in detail what was wrong with his life, and how, by learning Vipassana meditation, he reoriented every waking moment to be in greater harmony with himself, life, and truth.
Excerpt from the Foreword by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman*:
The Equanimous Mind has a particular heartwarming quality because of the earnestness with which the author seeks to grow into being the best possible person he can be. Many people will benefit from this volume of clear sentences, deep feelings, and important messages. The Equanimous Mind is written with an atmosphere of generosity in the attempt to convey experiential revelations. It is obviously intended to be a gift to other people.
*Dr. Fleischman will join us for an online event on Sunday, October 24, to talk about
Cultivating Inner Peace, following its release as a free audiobook. 
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VRI Titles in

Dana Distribution Fund Basket

Relocating our warehouse turned out to be a bit like spring cleaning: bringing many surprises. Besides a natural bio-wall of blackberries (which we only discovered when we opened one of our hardly-ever used warehouse doors to move the pallets), we also came across forgotten stock of two titles by the Vipassana Research Institute (VRI) that we also publish ourselves.
We have now moved these two titles—plus a third one—to the Free Books section, where they are offered for free (with optional donation towards the Dana Distribution Fund, DDF). The DDF is one of the Donation Funds we have in place; it allows us to offer a significant number of books and media freely to monks, nuns, monasteries, meditation centers, and others. Since 2012 we have been able to donate Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta books to meditation centres for their Satipatthana Sutta courses, as well as other books for the servers' libraries, for an amount of well over $39,000.
For the Benefit of Many (Pariyatti Edition)
Pariyatti Edition
For the Benefit of Many VRI cover
VRI (Free/Donation)
Manuals of Dhamma Pariyatti Edition cover
Pariyatti Edition
Manuals of Dhamma VRI cover
VRI (Free/Donation)
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Global Community
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Un manual del meditador,
is now available in eBook formats.  
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MHB Spanish cover
If you live outside the USA and are looking to order print books, please check out our list of non-US retailers as this could save you in shipping costs. Many of the titles we publish are set up with Amazon's print-on-demand service, so you may be able to order those directly from Amazon in your country.

S.N. Goenka Video Part 2

Part two of Patrick Given-Wilson's biographical presentation about our late Vipassana Meditation Teacher S.N. Goenka has been released and can be downloaded or viewed streaming online.
screen shot Video 'Part 2: Dhamma Spreads Worldwide

Upcoming Pilgrimages

Along the Path (North India & Nepal)
November 6–27, 2021
February 526, 2022
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In light of the COVID-19 restrictions, the scheduled pilgrimages are tentative. Should a pilgrimage be cancelled before it commences, please rest assured that we will refund 100% of the fees.

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