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PJ Art
IMAGE: The painting Boatman, by Tom Bouklas, was recently published in the online Pariyatti Journal. The journal is a space for Vipassana meditators and seekers of Dhamma in general—for reflection, inspiration, and intelligent conversation about meditation practice and living a Dhamma life. Everyone is welcome to send in their piece, whether it's an article, a book review, Dhamma inspired poetry, a short story—or any other artistic endeavor. Entries are reviewed by a volunteer peer review team. Please read the information on Submission Procedures etc. on the Pariyatti Journal main page.
Due to its length, this newsletter might be clipped (cut off) by some email providers (such as Gmail). In that case you will have to open the newsletter in the Internet browser (via the link provided at the cut-off point) to read the issue in its entirety.

Discounted Titles

For the coming two weeks (until Wednesday, June 1) the two must-read titles below are on offer with a discount of twenty percent.  
For true book lovers nothing beats a sturdy hardcover and we have good news! It is the hardcover of the Path of Purification that we've discounted. From $59.95: now available for $47.96! And the eBook bundle comes with it for free.
Path of Purification -Visuddhimaga
Visuddhimagga, the Path of Purification, is the most esteemed commentary in all of Pāli literature. It's a systematic examination and condensation of the teachings of the Buddha. It includes detailed instructions on the forty subjects of meditation aimed at concentration, an elaborate account of the Buddhist Abhidhamma philosophy, and explicit descriptions of the stages of insight culminating in final liberation.
Meditation Now is a collection of talks and writings by S. N. Goenka offering a fine introduction to Vipassana and its application in daily life. Published to commemorate Goenkaji's 2002 North American tour, the book includes three talks given to world leaders at the World Economic Forum. Softcover $9.95: now for $7.96 (eBook bundle included).
Meditation Now
Worldmap -Global Community -Languages
Les huit essais du Dr Paul R. Fleischman tels que publiés dans Karma and Chaos ont été magnifiquement racontés en français (tels que publiés dans Karma et Chaos) par Oscar Lalo et sont maintenant disponibles en streaming en ligne et en téléchargement. Karma et Chaos/ Karma and Chaos explore l'interface entre la psychiatrie, la science et l'enseignement intemporel du Bouddha et sonde le cœur de l'héritage du Bouddha à l'humanité : l'autocorrection par la méditation.
The eight essays by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman as published in Karma and Chaos were beautifully narrated in French (as published in Karma et Chaos) by Oscar Lalo and are now available for streaming online and download. Karma and Chaos/ Karma et Chaos explores the interface between psychiatry, science and the timeless teaching of the Buddha and probes the heart of the Buddha's legacy to humanity: self-correction through meditation.
Karma et Chaos, French audiobook

New Audiobook Release

Regular volunteer narrator Judy Swift has recorded another Bodhi Leaf audiobook. The Self Made Private Prison by Lily de Silva is an essay about the five 'aggragates of grasping'. The entire text is a great reminder for everyone who wants to come out of suffering.
Self-Made Private Prison, Bodhi leaves audiobook
Why are they called aggregates, khandha? Khandha means ‘heap’ or ‘accumulation’. It is easy to understand that the body is a heap of material elements. We maintain its process of growth by heaping it up with gross material food. In the mental sphere, too, through our experiences we accumulate feelings, perceptions and ideas, volitions, and consciousness. Therefore all five aspects of the personality are called heaps, accumulations, or aggregates.
They are called aggregates of grasping because we cling to them passionately as ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Just as an animal tied with a strap to a firm post runs round and round the post, stands, sits, and lies down beside the post, so the person who regards the five aggregates as one's self cannot escape from the aggregates and the suffering, disappointment and anxiety which invariably accompany them.

Pariyatti Presents...

Upcoming Event
Exploring the Path with Klaus Nothnagel
Klaus Nothnagel, the driving force behind the majority of Pāli courses that we have on offer in the online Pariyatti Learning Center will join us on Zoom on Sunday, July 17, to talk about how he came to learn Pāli, how and why he started teaching, and how the course Exploring the Path (ETP) came to be. Klaus will also touch on future plans for ETP. The interview is scheduled to be an hour; after that Klaus will answer questions from the audience for another 30 minutes.
Sunday, July 17
8am PST
11am EST, 5pm CET, 8.30pm IST
Duration 1,5 hours.
Event Info & Registration
Realizing Change
We launched a new Pariyatti Presents... series this year, called Realizing ChangeInspired by a book first published by Pariyatti over a decade ago (Realizing Change: Vipassana Meditation in Action by Ian Hetherington), this series of online events gives a platform to fellow Vipassana meditators to share their personal stories, with the focus on how Vipassana meditation has impacted (and impacts) their lives.
We would like to hear from you
No matter where you are from or what your life looks like, your story could be of inspiration to other meditators; hearing from our peers provides an opportunity for relating and learning—whether it's from their struggles or their insight. Don't be shy! Please get in touch with us via if you would like to share your personal journey as it relates to Vipassana meditation.
Dhamma Story Time (DST)
During our Monday sessions we are reading from The Great Disciples of The Buddha; for the next few Tuesdays we will be reading from Reflections on the Noble Eightfold Path in Practice and Daily Life by Bruce Stewart, as published in four parts in the Pariyatti Journal. Each reading session lasts for about 30 minutes. Reading sessions won't be recorded; come and join us live!

Mondays, at 11:30pm ET
NOTE: this is on Tuesdays for many time zones 
(5:30am CET, 9am IST, 1:30pm AEST)
Tuesdays, at 10am ET
(4pm CET, 7:30pm IST, 10pm HKT)

You can find the DST schedule, a time-conversion link, and the Go To Meeting login details under the DST tab in our events section.
All of Pariyatti Presents...
Archived Recordings
Dhamma Story Time
The starting point for many in the Introduction to Pāli course is the introductory guide to the grammar and pronunciation, listed in the References section of that course. Besides the PDF version, the guide has now also been made available as a complete web version, providing a more user-friendly way to go through the information that bypasses any issues with older Acrobat Reader versions.
Vowels screen print
A recent NEW course in the Pariyatti Learning Center: Twenty-two Topics Connected with Buddhism.
The course takes you through twenty-two topics (mostly Pāli words) related to the teachings of the Buddha. Some topics will ring a bell, others might be less familiar; all lessons will be inspiring reminders of both the teachings and Pāli vocabulary.
Nine lessons have been posted already—Anattā, Anicca, Appamāda, Arahant, Bodhisattva, Buddha, Dukkha, Dukkhamudaya, Dukkhanirodhaeach week we make another lesson available until all twenty-two are online.
PLC Registration
The best way to make use of the Pariyatti Learning Center (PLC) is as a registered user, as this gives you the opportunity to save your answers and progress, use the course forums, chatrooms, and messaging feature. These features are not available for guest users (although the courses are accessible to all even without registering).
Enrolling in courses
Once you have created your account, you will need to enroll in the courses you wish to participate in. As a registered user you will also get notified when new lessons will come online in the courses you enrolled in.
We are still continuing to upload new verses in the Buddhasahassanāmāvali Pāli course. In total 113 verses have been uploaded; each verse offers an inspiring way to improve your knowledge of Pāli, the language in which the teachings of the Buddha have been preserved. 
Verse 111       Verse 112       Verse 113

Latest Pariyatti Edition

Nine Attributes of the Buddha
The Nine Attributes of the Buddha is the third Myanmar Pitika Association title that we have republished under our Pariyatti Press imprint. There is a softcover print version ($3.95) as well as an eBook bundle (with the re-flowable formats ePub, Mobi—$2.95). A non-printable, free PDF version is available too and can be viewed on computer, phone or tablet.
Browse all versions


The Pariyatti pilgrimage program offers affordable and supportive travel to places connected with the teachings of the Buddha and Sangha. Pilgrims are expected to be serious Vipassana meditators (in our tradition) seeking a meditation-focussed expedition rather than a vacation. Overall, participants report back that the experience is deeply beneficial to their meditation practice.

Along the Path (North India & Nepal)
October 8–29, 2022
February 4–25, 2023
pilgrimage collage
Learn More & Apply for Pilgrimage
In light of COVID-19 the scheduled pilgrimages are still tentative; we will refund 100% of the fees, should a pilgrimage be cancelled before it commences.

Inspirational Videos

S.N. Goenka: Part 3
The Flowering of Dhamma
S.N. Goenka video Part 3 – The Flowering of Dhamma
Watch The Flowering of Dhamma
From Myanmar to the World:
Part 2 – Caves to Pagodas
From Myanmar to the World: Part 2 – Caves to Pagodas
Watch Caves to Pagodas

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