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To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer 1000s in a  battle
An inspirational quote as photographed at one of the accommodation sites during a Pariyatti pilgrimage

New in Stock from VRI:

The Buddha as Depicted in the Tipitaka
We have added two interesting titles by VRI (Vipassana Research Institute) to our catalog: The Buddha as Depicted in the Tipitaka Volume 1 and Volume 2
S.N. Goenka, Principal Teacher of Vipassana meditation, faced some initial hesitation before joining his first Vipassana course due to indoctrination against the Buddha’s teachings during his childhood. After his first course in 1955, numerous misconceptions that he had about the Buddha's teaching  were dispelled, and he was inspired to study the original words of the Buddha in the Pāli language.
To help others who are also interested in the original teachings of the Buddha, S.N. Goenka wrote a comprehensive introduction to the Tipitaka (the texts that contain the words of the historical Buddha in Pāli language). This information is presented in a lucid manner through quotes, inspiring passages from the Tipiṭaka, and interesting incidents from the Buddha’s life.
"The Tipitaka is like a vast, captivating garden containing beautiful flowers of different hues and fragrances. I have plucked a few flowers from that garden and have woven them into a garland. This jeweled ornament has been fashioned by culling a few priceless gems from the vast ocean of the Dhamma."
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Inspirational Videos

Apart from disseminating the words of the Buddha via printed books, ebooks and audiobooks, we dedicate ourselves to offering resources of all kinds, including Dhamma talks, podcasts, and videos. That latest category was enriched recently with the upload of three new videos. We hope these will inspire many on the path.
Messenger of Dhamma
Screen grab 'Messenger of Dhamma' video, showing Vipassana teacher S.N. Goenka chanting and giving mettā
A professionally made film for the inspiration of old students, Messenger of Dhamma captures the atmosphere of Goenkaji's influential visit to the UK in 2000. It includes footage of a one-day course at Dhamma Dipa, meetings with European Vipassana groups, and extracts from introductory public talks.
Vipassana, o caminho da libertação - Vipassana, the Path of Liberation
Screen grab from video “Vipassana, o caminho da libertação”
For the first time in Brazil, a jail opened its doors with authorization from the government to try a course in Vipassana meditation. The video explains the Vipassana meditation technique and presents the transformations that it brought as spoken by the inmates and the volunteers, who were at the jail giving the course.
Recorded in Portuguese with subtitles in English.
O documentário registra o primeiro curso de meditação realizado em um presídio brasileiro: em Ribeirão das Neves, Minas Gerais. Em português brasileiro com subtítulos em Inglês.
The Compass - La bussola
A video about children's Anapana meditation courses (with subtitles in Italian).

Un video sui corsi di meditazione Anapana per bambini (con sottotitoli in italiano).
Screen grab of the film 'La bussola' about children learning Anapana meditation

More than a Bookstore...

Is English your second language? Pariyatti offers resources in many languages
If you live outside the USA and would like to order print books, it might be worthwhile to check with a non-US retailer near you. They might stock the titles you are looking for.

2019 Residential Pāli Workshops

Introductorio (Costa Rica): 19 - 25 de agosto (Adriana Patiño - ESP)
Introductory (Calif., USA):  September 21 - October 1 (Sean Salkin)
Intermediate (Calif., USA):  October 1 - 5 (Sean Salkin)
Introductory (Poland):  November 19 - December 1 (Klaus Nothnagel)
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Upcoming Pilgrimage Dates

Vipassana pilgrims meditate at the Dungeshwari hill
Pariyatti pilgrims meditate in facing the Mahakala cave at the Dungeshwari hill in Bodhgaya. The Bodhisatta Siddhartha Gautama spent six years in this area while performing futile ascetic practices.
Along the Path - (North India & Nepal):
Den Pfad entlang - Indien & Nepal
朝圣路上 – 印度、尼泊尔
2019年9月30日至10月21日 / Sept. 30 - Oct. 21, 2019 (Chinese)
October 31 - November 21, 2019 (English-German) /
31. Oktober bis 21. November 2019 (Englisch/Deutsch)
2020年1月31日至2月21日/ Jan 31 – Feb 21, 2020 (Chinese)
February 29 to March 21, 2020 (English)
The Golden Path - (Burma):
December 17, 2019 - January 3, 2020 (English/Chinese)
2019年12月17 - 2020年01月03 (中英文双语)
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