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A Pariyatti pilgrim wanders through the Aluvihara Rock cave temple complex in Sri Lanka, during a test run of Pariytti'a newest pilgrimage, Island of Dhamma. It was at the Aluvihara  that the Tipitaka, initially preserved orally, was written down on palm leaves
during the Fourth Buddhist Council in the first century BC.

Pariyatti Editions

Mahā Paritta Pāḷi
We just released a new Myanmar Pitaka Association, Pariyatti Edition (MPE) title: Eleven Holy Discourses of Protection (or Mahā Paritta Pāḷi).
The Mahā Paritta Pāḷi is a collection of eleven discourses—suttas—by the Buddha that are considered protective and auspicious.
Print, eBook Bundle, PDF
The book was compiled, translated, and transliterated from the Burmese Pāḷi scriptures into English by Sao Htun Hmat Win, a renowned Burmese scholar and director of the Department of Religious Affairs in Rangoon, Myanmar. Eleven Holy Discourses of Protection provides a historical sketch and commentary for each of these eleven important Buddhist discourses, making it a valuable resource for understanding their significance and context.
By agreement with the Myanmar Pitaka Association (MPA), formerly known as the Burma Pitaka Association, Pariyatti republishes their books—worldwide—under the MPA Pariyatti Editions (MPE) imprint. The content is generally unchanged, but the paper and binding of the Pariyatti Editions are of a higher quality.
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Global Community

🇩🇪 Two Vipassana resources in the German language have been added to our Catalog: the German translation of Realizing Change and a collection of essays and public talks by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman. Both titles are available in print, eBook bundle (including re-flowable formats ePub and Mobo), and free (non-printable) PDF.
GER essays PRF
In his essays and lectures on Vipassana meditation, Dr. Paul R. Fleischman weaves together science and spirituality, technical language and poetry, reason and intuition, the concrete and the abstract in a way that is as virtuosic as it is understandable. He explains the role and relevance of meditation practice in dealing with the challenges of everyday life yesterday and today, as well as its effect on the correlations between chaos theory and the concept of karma. The texts collected here offer readers contemporary answers to timeless questions.
GER Realizing Change
Realizing Change brings together voices from around the world, giving in-depth accounts of their apprehensions before undertaking a ten-day course in Vipassana, their experiences during the course, and the subtle yet profound experience of change activated by the practice of Vipassana. People from every walk of life, every country and culture, every age have found Vipassana a steady anchor in the gale-force winds of change that buffet us.
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More than a Bookstore

screen shot of Pariyatti mobile app
We recently launched the Pariyatti mobile appreplacing the older Daily Words of the Buddha app. The new Pariyatti mobile app also features daily words of inspiration—Daily Words of the Buddha, Pāli Word a Day, and Daily Dhamma Verses of S.N. Goenka—together with the audio files wherever available. The daily words are shown in the form of 'cards'. Cards can be tapped to be bookmarked for viewing offline or to be shared with a friend. The app fully supports both light and dark mode for users who require one or the other for accessibility reasons.
Help Wanted
Future versions of the app will provide access to Pariyatti's library of resources and include access to audiobooks and video content. We are looking for help from a Flutter developer to make this update. If that sounds like you, please get in touch:
We are also looking for individuals to help us with Social Media projects, including the creation of posts, with experience with photo/video/audio editing programs (Adobe, Keynote). Kindly get in touch:

Pariyatti Presents...

During the pandemic we adapted our Pariyatti Presents... event program to be an online one, and we have been going strong ever since. We are so grateful to the multiple interesting guests we have welcomed on Zoom, and to the interviewers, who have lead the conversations so warmly and have come up with such interesting questions. A thank-you well as to our audience, as it has been heart-warming to join these events together with so many Dhamma friends. For the coming months, we have two events listed:
Pariyatti Presents... Bhante Shravasti Dhammika
Pariyatti Presents... Patrick Given-Wilson
Bhante Shravasti Dhammika will join us on Zoom on Sunday, August 25 (August 26 in Australia), for an interview and Q&A session about one of his latest books, Footprints in the Dust. The event will last for about two hours and will include a Q&A session, where selected questions from the audience present will be answered.
In Footprints in the Dust, Venerable Dhammika has pieced together the life events of the Buddha from very early texts. This truly authoritative biography shows that as a man, as well as a teacher, the historical Buddha was remarkable indeed.
Ven. Dhammika was born in Australia in 1951 and became a monk in India in 1976. He subsequently lived in Sri Lanka and Singapore before returning to his homeland in 2017, where he now lives in semi-retirment. Bhante's numerous books have been translated into over 30 languages.
Ven. Dhammika
Patrick Given-Wilson
ABOVE: Patrick Given-Wilson during a previous Pariyatti Presents... event.
LEFT: Venerable Dhammika
Australia-based Vipassana teacher Patrick Given-Wilson will join us on Zoom on Sunday, September 22 (September 23 in Australia) for a talk and a live Q&A session with the title A Householder Tradition. As usual, the questions for the Q&A will be selected from the audience present. The event will last for about an hour and 15 minutes.
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Study Pāli

Pāli is the language in which the Buddha's teachings were preserved. The Pāli Canon, or Tipiṭaka (ti—three + piṭaka—basket), consists of the Vinaya Piṭaka (discipline for the monks), the Sutta Piṭaka (discourses by the Buddha) and the Abhidhamma Piṭaka (higher teaching). Studying these texts is called pariyatti, applying the teaching to practice is called paṭipatti.
Pariyatti's aim is to provide greater access to the words of the Buddha, and one of the ways we do so is by providing ways to study PāliNew lessons and sections are constantly being rolled out at our online learning center and we offer various residential Pāli workshops each year, that are available for Vipassana meditators—old students of S.N. Goenka.
Residential Pāli Workshops
Vipassana meditation is an integral part of our residential Pāli workshopsThe daily schedules will be similar to that of a 10-day Vipassana course—including three daily group sittings and morning chanting—however, there will be both study and meditation periods throughout the day.
Québec, Canada 🇨🇦
September 6–13, 2024
Introductory—ENG & FR
Temecula, California, USA 🇺🇸
September 7–28, 2024
Intermediate20 days
The workshop in Quebec will be taught by Adriana Patiño, who teaches following a method emphasising the content of texts rather than focusing on grammar. Participants will first receive an introduction to Pāli grammar and correct pronunciation, and then concentrate most of their time reading, reciting, and understanding the context of the suttas and 10-day course material, such as the formalities and morning chants. 
The 20-day Intermediate workshop in California will be given by Mor Ifrah. The goal of this longer workshop is to help participants who already have some experience with the Pāli language gain a deeper grasp of it and so to experience the benefits and joy that derive from the exploration of the rare treasure of the Buddha's words in its original language. Pāli resources and aids for future individual learning will be provided so that if they wish, participants will be able to continue their Pāli studies after the workshop.
Information & Registration Pāli Workshops
 For both above-mentioned workshops some seats are still available; 
 the registration deadline for both workshops is July 31
PLC logo
Unit 16 and part of Unit 17 of the online Pāli course Evaṃ me sutaṃ (Thus I have heard) are now available in the Pariyatti Learning Center. Unit 16 deals with future passive participles, pronominal adverbs and the causative form.
Unit 17 is about numbers, with a general section and sections on declension of numbers and ordinal numbers available to study.
Unit 16
Unit 17
Go to the Pariyatti Learning Center
A big thank you to the PLC course creators.
May your service be of benefit to many!


Course-end Sales at our Onalaska location
August 3, 18
September 1, 15, 29

7:30-10am (-ish) 

867 Larmon Rd
Onalaska, WA 98570, United States
S. Dhammika: Interview on Footprints in the Dust
Sunday, August 25, 2024 * 4pm PT / 7pm EST
Monday, August 26, 2024 * 9am AEST
Patrick Given-Wilson: A Householder Tradition  New! 
Sunday, September 22, 2024 * 4pm PT / 7pm ET
Monday, September 23, 2024  * 9am AEST
Québec, Canada 🇨🇦
September 6–13, 2024
Introductory—ENG & FR
Temecula, California, USA 🇺🇸
September 7–28, 2024
Intermediate20 days
Along the Path, India & Nepal
October 12–November 2, 2024
February 1–22, 2025
March 1–22, 2025  NEWLY ADDED 
Island of Dhamma, Sri Lanka
November 1–18, 2024

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