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Two wonderful paintings by Andrée François, a regular contributor to the Pariyatti Journal.

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Collected Wheels Volume 9
The Wheel is a substantial series of booklets covering a wide range of topics related to Theravada Buddhism—from the analytical philosophy of Abhidhamma to Buddhist reflections on daily vital problems. Originally published by the Buddhist Publication Society (BPS), Pariyatti is republishing the Collected Wheels in a 29-volume series
Volume 9 is out now!
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Video talk

Paul R. Fleischman:
The Buddha's Teaching on Nonviolence
We have uploaded a video talk by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman, recorded for the 2022 virtual conference by The Association of Buddhist Care and Counselling. The talk is titled The Buddha's Teaching on Nonviolence, based on Dr. Fleischman's book The Buddha Taught Nonviolence, Not Pacifism, which we have available in print, eBook, and free PDF.
screen shot video talk Paul Fleischman
"The difference between nonviolence and pacifism is not immediately obvious, yet it lies at the heart of the Buddha’s teaching. The way that we make choices determines our future, and at the heart of the path that the Buddha taught is mental purification, including non-harmfulness, meaning nonviolence. But in the complex vicissitudes of the real world, we all have to disentangle the difference between kind actions and complicity that comes from the failure to exert force when called upon to do so." In this talk, based upon his essay and poem, the author Paul R. Fleischman clarifies the Buddha’s understanding of nonviolence.
All resources by/with Paul R. Fleischman
Global Community
A transcript of the video talk Still Meditating in Troubled Times by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman is now available in Ukrainian as well—in addition to the Chinese transcripts (simplified & traditional).
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Art of Dying (Sinhala) cover
The Art of Dying is now available in PDF format, free of charge, in Sinhala, an official language in Sri Lanka. See all products in Sinhala.
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In the course Topics Connected with Buddhism new lessons have been posted, with Samādhi, Sīla, and Upekkhā being the latest three.
May the lessons be of inspiration to many!

Pariyatti Presents... Upcoming Events

An Interview with Bill Crecelius 
Meditator's Handbook cover
Bill Crecelius wrote the straightforward, practical guide A Meditator's Handbook (available in twelve languages), for those who seek to establish themselves in Vipassana meditation. As a Vipassana teacher—and one of S.N. Goenka's earliest Western students, the author drew on his own long experience in the practice, which resulted in a book full of encouragement and useful examples.
The author meets with Vipassana teacher Marta Van Patten, to talk about the handbook and the topic of daily practice. A talk relevant to any (Vipassana) meditator and especially for those who have just started practicing.
The event on October 9 will consist of an hour-long interview and a 30-minute Q&A session, in which the author will answer selected questions from the audience.
Panel Discussion on Daily Practice
On November 13 we will host a Panel Discussion:
Maintaining your meditation practice—helpful supports & challenges

Dr. Paul R. Fleischman (author/ former psychiatrist/ Vipassana teacher in the tradition of S.N. Goenka) has been so kind to commit to being the moderator for the event. The panel will consist of:
Kory Goldberg: professor and co-author of pilgrimage guide Along the Path
Marta Van Patten: Vipassana teacher and documentary filmmaker
Michal Barnea: psychologist and an author of Carved by Experience
Wayne Smith: musician
Realizing Change with Sébastien Bernier
Inspired by a book first published by Pariyatti over a decade ago (Realizing Change: Vipassana Meditation in Action by Ian Hetherington), in this series of online events Vipassana meditators join us to share their personal stories, focussing on how Vipassana meditation has impacted (and impacts) their lives.

A one-hour interview with Sébastian Bernier, who is from Quebec and who served in the Special Operations Forces in the Canadian Army, is scheduled for Sunday, December 4.
An Interview with Patrick Given-Wilson
Patrick Given-Wilson, Australia-based Vipassana teacher, will join us on Zoom on February 19 next year, to discuss the series of lineage videos he created (on Ashoka, Ledi Sayadaw, Saya Thet, Webu Sayadaw, Sayagyi U Ba Khin, and S.N. Goenka).
The event will start at 3pm Pacific Time (US)—which is 10am AEDT—to accommodate folks from Australia and the US. It will be a one-hour interview followed by a 30-minute Q&A (with selected questions from the audience). 
All Events: Info & Registration
Pariyatti Presents... Event Recordings

Pariyatti Journal: Recent Entry

With the Fire Eyes of Samādhi
By Stuart Nicholls

With the fire eyes of samādhi,
I feel my body on every part.
With the warm glow of anicca,
I melt the darkness from my heart.


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