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Pariyatti site in Onalaska

The current Pariyatti warehouse in Onalaksa, Washington, is located on a quiet country road

with lots of cows and horses enjoying green pastures.

Pariyatti Presents...

Ian McCrorie
Ian McCrorie, author of Children of Silence and Slow Time and The Moon Appears When the Water is Still, has been working on his third book, A Lifetime Doing Nothing – Tales, Teachings and Testimonials.
The author will join us for an online book launch event on June 13, 1pm Eastern Time (10am PT, 7pm CET, 10:30 IST). Save the date!
CORRECTION: Please note that the correct date for the event is June 13, and not June 14 as erroneously stated in the newsletter from April 22.
Children of Silence.. cover
Online Event Updates
Paul R. Fleischman
Following the recent well-attended author talk with Q&A on Vipassana Meditation and the Scientific Worldview, Dr. Paul R. Fleischman will join us again on October 24, to talk about Cultivating Inner Peace.
A few months ago we released the last podcast in a series containing the separate chapters of Cultivating Inner Peace as read by the author. The audiobook is now also available in its entirety for streaming or download from our website.
The book was first published in 1997, but as Karen Donovan, Center Teacher in California, expressed: "...[it] may be even more relevant in these times of social, political and environmental strife, than it was when Paul first wrote it in the 1990s." 
cover Cultivating Inner Peace
In Cultivating Inner Peace Dr. Fleischman—former psychiatrist and Vipassana teacher in the tradition of S.N. Goenka—writes about the psychology, wisdom and poetry of those who have inspired him in his personal quest for harmony and happiness. In his erudite and poetic style Dr. Fleischman interweaves history, literature and science with his observations of human life and the human mind.
The audiobook runs for about 13 hours and is well worth listening to; you will be inspired and reminded what the practice of Vipassana meditation is about.
View audiobook and other versions of CIP
All Upcoming Pariyatti Presents... Events
Meditation Accessories
Samten meditation cushion
The lightweight inflatable Samten Sun meditation cushion has two air chambers that can be inflated individually. This allows you to find the ideal balance between stability and comfort. The Samten Sun is perfect for travelling as fits in nearly every bag, but we've heard back from meditators that they like the cushion so much they use it at home as well. 

More than a Bookstore...

view on Mt. St. Helens
Our current bookstore/warehouse staff member took this picture of Mount St. Helens on the way to work.
Potential Move to Hillsboro, Oregon
Expressions of Interest for Future Position Welcome
Although we have amazing staff at our bookstore/warehouse in Onalaska, Washington, the views are stunning, and we love the warm and supportive community of Dhamma Kuñja, we are considering moving the bulk of our warehouse operations elsewhere. Over the years we have struggled to find back-up employees in Onalaska, so a new location in an urban center will hopefully provide us with a larger pool to draw from. We might have found a suitable place in Hillsboro, Oregon, and we are currently putting some feelers out, to see whether it would be a good move.
Should you live in the Hillsboro area, or be moving there, and working in our bookstore/warehouse on a part-time basis sounds like something you would like to do, we would love to hear from you!
The main responsibilities for bookstore/warehouse staff are fulfilling online orders, serving walk-in customers, and collaborating with remotely based colleagues.
We are looking for a self-motivated and organised multitasker as the job duties are diverse—they include:
Pulling books for fulfilling orders
Keeping various size boxes in stock
Printing packing slips and stamps for shipping
Accurately weighing filled boxes and entering that information into a spreadsheet
Keeping track of shipping times for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and having the orders out on time for the couriers to pick up
Ordering empty packaging
Collecting supplies from our Onalaska warehouse
Putting away supplies in their proper place
Keeping areas clean and organized
Creating sales receipts for money received using QuickBooks
Submitting credit card reconciliation on time to our accountant
Hillsboro site
Why Hillsboro?
The place (third door from the left in the above inset picture) is small and suits our needs, and is located next to the Hillsboro Hall, where group sittings and one-day Vipassana courses are usually held.
Fill Out the 'Join our Team' Form
eBook: Mettā
Mettā—The Philosophy and Practice of Universal Love is an exploration of the various facets of mettā both in theory and in practice, and it is now available as a Pariyatti edition eBook.
The BPE eBook is available on its own (in an ePub-Mobi-PDF bundle); or you will get it for free with the purchase of the softcover BPS version of this title.
BPE cover
Audiobook: Son of Earth
The first three of fourteen chapters of Gotama The Buddha: Son of Earth (audiobook) have been uploaded to our website. Wonderfully narrated by volunteer Parag Sampat, the book takes the reader on a journey into the life and the teachings of this Son of Earth-an extraordinary human being who offered his fellow humans a timeless road map to a happy life.
Son of Earth cover
Following the now available Chapters 1 (Introduction), 2 (Buddhaṃ Saraṇaṃ Gacchāmi), and 3 (To Gain Wisdom) we will slowly release the other chapters as they become available. May these recordings be of benefit to many.
Global Community-world map
MNH Vietnamese cover
Cẩm Nang Của Một Thiền Giả
Besides in English, GermanFarsi, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian, The Meditator's Handbook is now also available in Vietnamese.
Đúc kết từ kinh nghiệm lâu năm của tác giả trong quá trình thực hành, cuốn cẩm nang này đầy ắp những lời khích lệ, những ví dụ giản dị, những hình ảnh minh họa sống động, và chứa đựng rất nhiều lời khuyên hữu ích. Bất kỳ thiền giả Vipassana nào cũng nên đọc quyển sách này, đặc biệt là những ai mới bắt đầu thực hành.
Drawn from the author's long experience in the practice, this handbook is full of encouragement, simple examples, vivid illustrations, and lots of helpful advice. This book should be read by any Vipassana meditator, especially if just starting out.
Cẩm Nang Của Một Thiền Giả

Pilgrimage Dates

Along the Path (North India & Nepal)
November 6–27, 2021
Learn More & Apply for the Pilgrimage
In light of the COVID-19 restrictions, the scheduled pilgrimage is tentative. Should it be cancelled before it commences, please rest assured that we will refund 100% of the fees.
Dhamma Story Time * Weekly Reading Sessions
Since the start of the pandemic we've been running Dhamma Story Time, a series of weekly online reading sessions. Over the months various readers from different locations participated, aiming to accommodate the different continents and timezones. Due to the volunteers' availability, for a while only the Monday evening session was ongoing, and we are pleased to announce that the Tuesday session is back on now as well. The Dhamma Story Time sessions are not recorded. Come join us online!
 book vector
Mondays, at 8:30pm, Pacific Time
(23:30 EST on Mondays; 5:30am CET, 9am IST, 1:30pm AEST on Tuesdays)
Tuesdays, at 10am Eastern Time
(4pm CET, 7:30pm IST, 10pm HKT)
Schedule Updates & Login Details
USA Tax Benefit Tip
Should you live in the US and don't itemize your tax deductions, we just wanted to make sure you are aware of the $300 CARES Act deduction on charitable donations. Over 2021 the amount is doubled for married couples filling in jointly. AARP article 'Pandemic Tax Tip'.
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