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Collected Wheel Publications

Newly Published: Volumes 5-7
A meticulous Pariyatti proofreader and several correctors continue to make steady progress on the extensive task of proofreading and correcting the entire Wheel Publication series, originally brought out by the Buddhist Publication Society (BPS). These booklets on topics related to Theravada Buddhism, ranging from the analytical philosophy of Abhidhamma to Buddhist reflections on today’s vital problems, are being reprinted in a series of Collected Wheel Publications and we have recently published three new volumes: Volume 5, 6 & 7! 
Wheel booklets were originally 4.8" x 7.2”, but the Pariyatti Edition series measures 5.5" x 8.5'', and are printed in line with the quality standard set for Pariyatti Editions.*
We hope these books will be of benefit to many!

Excerpt from The Truth of Anatta (Wheel 94), Collected Wheel Publication, Volume 7:
When a new life is thus produced its components are present from its very inception, although in an undeveloped condition. The first moment of new life is called viññāṇa; in the formula of the paṭicca-samuppāda its antecedents are the saṅkhāra, the prenatal forces which contain latent in them the anusaya, the resultant of all the impressions made in that particular flux of elements (santāna), conventionally called an individual, in the whole course of its repeated births and deaths, its faring through life (saṃsāra). The new person, psychologically if not physical is continuous with the deceased and suffers or enjoys what his ’predecessor’ had prepared for him by his behaviour. The elements that contribute to the empirical individual are constantly changing but they will never totally disappear till the conditions and causes that hold them together and impel them to rebirth, the craving (taṇhā) and the grasping (upādāna) and the desire separate existence are finally extinguished.
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*Pariyatti Editions are quality prints, with an ergonomic page size and easy-to-read font, and a sturdy spine. 
New Audiobook
We've released the audiobook version of Bodhi Leaves No. 153, The Ending of Things, by Ajahn Brahmavaṃso. Volunteer Sophia Ojha reads this inspiring work, reminding us that this too shall pass. 

Excerpt from The Ending of Things:
Once a person understands the rise and fall of all phenomena, then experiencing the worst that human life can give does not make one tremble. You know that it’s something passing just as the wind passes your face. You don’t know where that wind comes from, and you can’t tell where that wind is going. All you know is that a wind is blowing. You don’t know when that wind is going to end, nor if it will get stronger or weaker. Like the weather, the forecast for moods is changeable.
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Vipassana Teacher Patrick Given-Wilson is bringing out a new series of talks in which he explores the life of S.N. Goenka. Part one was added to our catalog recently; it focuses on S.N. Goenka's early years—his childhood, his training under Sayagyi U Ba Khin, and the establishment of Dhamma in India.
Another newly added talk is called Deeper Aspects of Sīla. Pāli teacher Klaus Nothnagel delivered this talk earlier this year in Israel.

An ethical life is composed of purity of action, purity of speech and purity of livelihood. Upholding it requires not only determination but proper comprehension as well. From the perspective of abstaining (vārittaṃ) to the perspective of performing (cārittaṃ), the talk aims to support the understanding of the deeper aspects of sīla. Integrating selected quotes from the Pāli Cannon and the commentaries, the talk highlights the different aspects of sīla, proceeding in the order of the precepts. Klaus addresses the detailed definition of each precept, the underlying volition of the act to be performed, its manifestation, and its results.
Listen to 'Deeper Aspects of Sīla'
Weekly Dhamma Story Times 
In April, Pariyatti launched Dhamma Story Time: a weekly series of 30-minute online reading sessions, scheduled on different days and times each week to cater to different time zones. The volunteer readers choose texts from our catalog that they find inspiring. In previous sessions, stories were read from the Dhammapada, about the disciples of the Buddha, and on social and communal harmony. 
The sessions are hosted using GoToMeeting; the schedule and information on how to join are posted on
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Buddhasahassanāmāvali verses (65 - 67)
are now online!
Previously Featured Recent Releases
eBook - The Buddha and His Teachings
Introduction to the fundamental teachings of the Buddha. The first part of the work is devoted to the life of the Buddha. The remainder of the book explains in detail the Buddha's teachings; the final chapter shows the relevance of Buddhism to the problems of modern life.

Dhammapada – Pocket Version
The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom. It contains the same anthology of 423 verses spoken by the Buddha, but without the Introduction and index of Pāli verses found in the larger format version.


Pariyatti organizes different pilgrimages for Vipassana meditators (as taught by S.N. Goenka). The itinerary of Along the Path enables the pilgrims to visit and meditate at the four great places related to the Buddha's life, as well as four other inspiring and important locations in India & Nepal; The Golden Path travels to the main sites associated with the chain of teachers in the tradition of Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka in Burma (Myanmar).
collage pilgrimage
Upcoming Dates - 朝圣之旅,启程在即
Along the Path (North India & Nepal)
朝圣路上 – 印度、尼泊尔
November 1–22, 2020
January 30–February 20, 2021 (Chinese)
February 27–March 20, 2021
The Golden Path (Burma) * English/Chinese 
金色之旅 – 缅甸朝圣
January 9–26, 2021
2021年01月09日 – 26日
Learn More & Apply for a Pilgrimage
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still uncertain whether we will be able to proceed with our scheduled pilgrimages. If any pilgrimage is cancelled before it commences, please rest assured that we will refund 100% of the fees.
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