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Card: Golden Buddha
The Golden Buddha, by Douglas Smith. Available as a postcard.

The Quest for Inner Peace

Audiobook Cultivating Inner Peace, Chapter 1 & 2
Read by the author, Dr. Paul R. Fleischman
Cover print book
We are pleased to announce we have uploaded the first chapters of the audiobook Cultivating Inner Peace as read by the author, Dr. Paul R. Fleischman. In this work Dr. Fleischman explores the psychology, wisdom and poetry of Gandhi, Thoreau, the Buddha and others. Every week or two we will release new chapters of the audiobook. 
Stream or Download Chapter 1 & 2
NOTE: the latest chapter will be featured on the podcast page, the others can be accessed via the scroll-down menu underneath.
Excerpt from the Preface:
Peace pervades personality in proportion to the shrinking of self-importance. Peace is faith in ”other.” If there were a simple synonym for it, that would be “humbling.” Only the very small know how to peek through the tiny hole that looks out into the expanse of the “yes.”

Excerpt from Chapter 1:
INNER PEACE CAN BE STUDIED the way the naturalist George Schaller likes to study pandas and snow leopards—as an endangered species. How can I stalk this elusive species of human emotional life, track it to its lair, and then, like a modern environmental naturalist rather than an old-fashioned safari hunter, not merely capture it, but instead meet it upon trusting and intimate terms, proclaim its territory a sacred preserve, and so ensure its continuity and vigor as a free spirit in the world for years to come? If my hunting of this legendary mood were successful, I could return to America and write an article for National Geographic, promoting the Inner Peace International Wildlife Refuge and illustrating with Kodachrome photographs its exotic and enchanted terrain.
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excerpt Buddhism in a nutshell
(Screenshot from Buddhism in a Nutshell)

Meditation Accessories

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New translations of works by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman
Available in PDF ** free of charge
 Karma and Chaos: Now also available in Spanish & German
An Ancient Path: Now also available in German
(Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to download)
Did you know you can search the Pariyatti website for resources per language? If you live outside the USA and are looking to order print books, please check out our list of non-US retailers as this could save you in shipping costs.
Talks Transcribed (& Translated) 
To cater to the hearing impaired (and to all those who like to read) we have now made available various transcripts of resources that were previously only available via audio.
Several of the talks (by S.N. Goenka, Lemay Henderson and Peter Kerr) from the second Insights from an Ancient Tradition conference (2000) have been transcribed and added to our catalog.
Both the Old Student talk Don’t Use Your Meditation Practice to Harm Yourself by Dr. Paul R. Fleischman and his public talk Meditating in Troubled Times 2020 have been transcribed and are now available via our Website. The transcription of the public talk has also been translated into Italian.
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Exploring the Path, Lesson 3.8.0
Samādhisuttaṃ—the entire teaching in one verse!
“Samāhito sampajāno, sato buddhassa sāvako;
vedanā ca pajānāti, vedanānañca sambhavaṃ.
Yattha cetā nirujjhanti, maggañca khayagāminaṃ;
vedanānaṃ khayā bhikkhu, nicchāto parinibbuto”ti.
Reminding oneself of this inspiring verse during one’s meditation can stir up renewed energy and effort. For meditators the verse is especially valuable when used as a mental reminder to surmount the cumbersome effects of the nīvaraṇā, the hindrances.
Lesson 3.8.0 (Samādhisuttaṃ—the entire teaching in one verse!) denotes the emphasis the Buddha provided: ‘sato’ and ‘sampajāno,’ firmly based on ‘samāhito,’ empower a meditator to arrive at his goal and find ultimate peace. The accurate application of ‘samāhito’, ‘sampajāno,’ and ‘sato’ enables the meditator to realize, understand, eradicate, and go beyond what is called ‘vedanā’—all sensations that may arise!
Chapter 3.8 in its entirety relates to sammāsati and intends to elucidate right awareness for a practitioner—with respective and selected suttas uttered by the Buddha in various details. Lesson 3.8.0 highlights these essential and important terms of ‘samāhito’, ‘sampajāno’ and ‘sato’ by referring to the commentarial explanation, while later on respective suttas (lesson 3.8.1: Vibhaṅgasuttaṃ—What is Right Awareness? and lesson 3.8.2 Satisuttaṃ—Remaining Sato and Sampajāno) hope to qualify and explain them in more depths.
The essential verity is that sammāsati has to be understood, practiced, and realized as an integrated constituent of the Noble Eightfold Path. Only when founded on sammādiṭṭhi and executed through sammāvāyāmo, can right awareness or mindfulness be truly called sammāsati, the crucial base to eliminate all suffering!
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Weekly Dhamma Story Times 
In April, Pariyatti launched Dhamma Story Time: a weekly series of 30-minute online reading sessions, scheduled on different days and times each week to cater to different time zones. The volunteer readers choose texts from our catalog that they find inspiring. In previous sessions, stories were read from the Dhammapada, about the disciples of the Buddha, and on social and communal harmony. 
The sessions are hosted using GoToMeeting; the schedule and information on how to join are posted on


Collage pilgrimage photos
Upcoming Dates - 朝圣之旅,启程在即
Along the Path (North India & Nepal)
朝圣路上 – 印度、尼泊尔
November 1–22, 2020
January 30–February 20, 2021 (English/ Chinese)
February 27–March 20, 2021
The Golden Path (Burma) * English/Chinese 
金色之旅 – 缅甸朝圣
January 9–26, 2021
2021年01月09日 – 26日
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Daily Words
Doha - Dhamma Verse
Maiṇ bhī dukhiyā nā rahūṅ, 
jagata dukhī nā hoya. 
Jīvana jīne kī kalā, 
satya Dharama hai soya.
Maiṇ bhī dukhiyā nā rahūṅ, 
jagata dukhī nā hoya. 
Sukha se jīne kī kalā, 
Dharama satya hai soya.

May I and may the world 
be without suffering;
this is the art of living, 
this is true Dhamma.
May I and may the world 
be without suffering;
this is the art of living peacefully, 
this is true Dhamma.
–S.N. Goenka
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