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‘Golden’ leaves decorations at the Venuvan Bamboo Grove near Rajgir. King Bimbisāra offered the park to the Sangha. The king had chosen the location as it was very suitable for meditation; quiet but close to town.
It became the Sangha's first monastery.
These colorful images were taken during the most recent pilgrimage for Vipassana meditators through North India and Nepal. Pariyatti Pilgrimages facilitates travel to places connected with the teachings of the Buddha and his followers. Instead of just sightseeing, the pilgrims ‘site-sit’: meditating hour-long group sittings or shorter sessions at places where the Buddha and the Sangha used to meditate, live and teach the Dhamma. A recent pilgrim mentioned:
ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: The Mahabodhi Temple complex in Bodhgaya is visited daily by thousands of devotees and followers of the Buddha from many traditions and backgrounds from around the world. Some study the teachings, some chant, some pray, some pay respect and perform rituals, some meditate. Despite the surrounding distractions, many pilgrims find this area supportive of their meditation practice; for others it offers ample opportunity to develop paramīs such as tolerance and loving kindness.
RIGHT: Pariyatti pilgrims during a Vipassana group sitting in front of the Mahabodhi temple and Bodhi tree, where the Buddha attained enlightenment.
Upcoming Pilgrimages
Along the Path - (North India & Nepal):
October 31 to November 21, 2018
Newly added: The Golden Path - (Burma):
February 9  to February 26, 2019
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Newly Arrived...

Jataka Tales of the Buddha
The Jatakas are the stories of the Buddha's past births, relating his experiences as he passed from life to life on the way to becoming a Buddha. At times he takes the form of a bird, at times he is born as a hare, a monkey, a prince, a merchant, or an ascetic, but in each case he uses the challenges he meets to grow in generosity, virtue, patience, wisdom and compassion. This anthology of Jatakas, ably told by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, makes the perfect gift. It remains faithful to the original, yet presents the stories in clear and simple language, making them accessible even to young readers and to those for whom English is not their first language.
Learn More and Order: Volume I, Volume II, Volume III
'Treasures of Pariyatti' logo image leads to 'treasures' page
In the Treasures section on our website you will find unique and historical collections that comprise post-commentarial writings on the teachings of the Buddha.
The aim of this section is to preserve and disseminate content that has gone out of print or is in danger of being lost to the ravages of time. Dana-based publications (paid for up front by donation and given away at no cost) often face quick extinction and the Treasures section serves as a permanent library for such publications. 
We wish you an interesting and inspiring read.
We have recently added two new Treasures to the Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana (Sixth Buddhist Council) section:
‘The Sangāyana’, 11 Monthly
Bulletins published in 1953 and 1954, and ‘Chattha Sangāyana - 2500 Buddha Jayanti Celebrations’, a souvenir publication from 1956, to commemorate the conclusion of the Sixth Buddhist Council and the 2500th Buddha Jayant on the Full moon Day of Kason 2500 B.E (Burmese Era).
Explore Chaṭṭha Sangāyana Section
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