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Coloring book
ABOVE: A cut-out of a page of Life of the Buddha—Colouring BookBased on
A Young People's Life of the Buddhathe coloring book contains a simple telling
of the story of the Buddha's life in words and drawings for children to color.

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You're What You Sense
You're What You Sense
The Buddha is generally seen as a religious teacher, but few pay attention to his actual methodology—that his teachings were arrived at what could only be called scientifically, i.e., through a strict objectivity. Over six years leading up to his Enlightenment, what he did was to train his mind to be free from attachment—not only to the world but even to concepts (paññatti) and views (diṭṭhi) of any kind as well. The result of such fine-tuning of the introscope of his mind was total objectivity, a level a scientist could only envy.
It is in this objectivity that the Buddha declared that the only reality of the world, for a given individual, is what one gets through the senses, including the mind-sense, and senses alone, and indeed that you are what you sense.
"If one finds spiritual comfort in the Buddha’s teachings, I will have been humbled if these pages provide you with some scientific comfort as well, the two being, for the Buddha, not mutually exclusive. Those who are looking for his scientific concepts, I have boxed them for easy identification, and listed them all together at the end."
—Ven. Bhikkhu Mihita
You're What You Sense covers the complex topic of mindbody, as presented in the Abhidhamma, in an approachable manner. Introducing the concept in a metaphor of a tree, with two branches, dealt with in detail are each—mind and body. As befitting the dialogue format of the book, each is presented in a theatrical model of a stage play, introducing the principal cast and supporting cast—on-stage and
off-stage. If these are the common elements, ‘particulars’ are introduced as ‘alternate styles of performance’: skilled-unskilled in the mind dimension, and femininity-masculinity in the body dimension.
Available in print (softcover), eBook bundle (ePub & Mobi), Free PDF. 
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Like Milk and Water Mixed
Like Milk and Water Mixed
The Buddha’s teaching of universal love (mettā) is widely known, even to those outside the Buddhist community. What is less known is that the Buddha had much to say about the many other expressions of love as well. In this book, the author combines Buddhist insights with modern psychology to craft a definition of love that cuts through the warm but often unrealistic ideas about love that prevent us from having a clearer and more realistic understanding of it.
Then, drawing upon his many years study of the Tipiṭaka, the Buddhist scriptures, he explores what the Buddha had to say about romantic love, parental love, love of animals, loving friendship—nine types altogether. Included also is an in-depth look at mettā, the highest love—what it is, why it is an essential part of the spiritual life and how meditation can awaken and enhance it. Step-by-step instructions on how to practice this meditation are also given. Like Milk and Water Mixed finishes with a selection of over fifty quotations from the Tipiṭaka and later Buddhist literature about love, compassion, kindness, and good-will.
Available in print (softcover), eBook bundle (ePub & Mobi), Free PDF. 
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A Journey into Buddhism-audiobook
Bodhi Leaves No. 134—A Journey into Buddhism—by Elizabeth J. A. Harris, is the first audiobook narrated by Ethan Christy. It is now available for streaming or download from our website (or from where you usually get your audiobooks).
Listen to 'A Journey into Buddhism'
A Journey into Buddhism contains talks by the author that arose from her personal journey of discovery into Buddhism as she wanted to broaden her religious framework, coming from Christianity. The talks draw on her conversations with Buddhist friends in Sri Lanka, travel to different parts of that country in times of war, her experience of meditation, and reading of the Pāli texts. They reflect the concerns that developed as the interests Elizabeth brought from Britain encountered Buddhism and Sri Lanka: the relationship between non-attachment and outgoing compassionate action; the practical meaning of anattā (no soul) and its implications; the benefit of sati (mindfulness) for the individual and society; the resources Buddhism can offer to those working for social justice and inter-ethnic or inter-religious harmony; and the question of a woman’s role in society.
Another recent Pariyatti audiobook is Bodhi Leaves No. 90, Your Best Friend, beautifully narrated by another new voice in the Pariyatti 'stable,' volunteer reader Tejendra Patel.
Listen to 'Your Best Friend'
Your Best Friend (Bodhi Leaves No. 90) —audiobook
A big thank you to the volunteer narrators who generously donated their time, voice, and expertise.

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The third part of Unit 14: Present Participles, of the online Pāli course Evaṃ me sutaṃ (Thus I have heard) is now available in the Pariyatti Learning Center. It includes the declension of the interrogative pronoun ‘ka’ and the indefinite particle ‘ci’.
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A big thank you to the PLC course creators.
May your service be of benefit to many!

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