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Gong for groupsitting
A Pariyatti pilgrimage guide rings the gong to indicate the start of the group sitting in Kapilvastu, Nepal—the place where the Buddha met his father for the first time after his enlightenment.

The Digitization of Invaluable Journals

A Volunteer's Story
Fulfilling our mission—of making the words of the Buddha in the Theravada tradition available to as many people as possible—is attainable only with the support we receive from many selfless volunteers. The time and effort of these Dhamma servers helps us to keep our book prices low, and to offer many resources for free.
Having worn many different volunteer hats over the years (including that of member of Pariyatti's original Board of Directors), Bill Hamilton has had a look behind the scenes of several aspects of the organization. One of the projects Bill worked on was the digitization of the The Light of the Dhamma (LotD), a magazine published in Burma in the mid-1950s.
Bill’s first connection with Pariyatti was when it was still run out of Hayfork, where Linda Warren had set it up as a service for meditators. Rick Crutcher, who later took over Pariyatti, was editing the International Vipassana Newsletter out of VMC (Dhamma Dharā) at the time.
“There would be mailing parties at VMC of a dozen or so meditators. I was just one of these people,” Bill said. 
Bill explained the newsletters would come from the printer in boxes. “We had to fold them, assemble any inserts and staple them. Among these inserts were half page lists of titles from Pariyatti. We also had to put mailing labels on the newsletters—usually the peel-off type; the sheets cut into groups according to zip-code.” 
Each volunteer took a selected group of labels, stuck them on the newsletters and bound those together with an elastic band. “The Post Office would give a reduced rate for this pre-sorting. Some of the packages would go on to other countries or to foreign language editors for translation,” said Bill.
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Original Announcement Pariyatti Book Service
While searching his archives for an old Pariyatti VNL insert, Bill also found a copy of the original announcement published in the International Vipassana Newsletter in September 1987; of the beginning of Pariyatti Book Service, the precedent of the current Pariyatti organization (depicted above).

Collected Wheels Volume 3 is out!

A meticulous Pariyatti proofreader and several correctors are making steady progress on the extensive task of editing the entire Wheel Publication series, originally brought out by the Buddhist Publication Society (BPS). 
This series of booklets on topics related to Theravada Buddhism ranging from the analytical philosophy of Abhidhamma to Buddhist reflections on today’s vital problems will all be reprinted in a series of Collected Wheels Volumes and we are proud to announce we have recently published the third volume! We hope these books will be of benefit to many.
Volume 3 contains 11 titles including ‘Purification of Character’, ‘Buddhism and Peace’ and ‘Escape to Reality’. Wheel booklets were originally 4.8" x 7.2”, but the Pariyatti Edition series measures 5.5" x 8.5'', in line with the quality standard set for Pariyatti Edition*
*Pariyatti Editions are quality prints, with ergonomic page size and easy-to-read font, and a sturdy spine. 
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Amazon Smile - Prime Day
With Amazon Prime Days coming up (July 15-16), we just wanted to remind you that if you buy via Amazon Smile and choose Pariyatti as your charity of choice, we will get 0.5% of the purchase price from eligible products you buy.
So if you're an Amazon shopper, please keep this in mind and consider shopping at This direct link will set you up as a Pariyatti supporter…

Pāli Study Group

Shortly after the Buddha's passing a council was held to collect and preserve his teachings. These were first recited orally (from the 5th century BCE to the first century BCE) and then written down in Pāli, in what is now known as the Tipiṭaka (or Pāli Canon).
Being able to read and understand suttas from the Pāli Canon can be very inspiring for Vipassana meditators, as it means they can perceive the words of the Buddha in their most original form. Pariyatti provides several tools and services to help meditators study Pāli, including our online Learning Center and Residential Pāli Workshops in various locations across the globe. 
We are now also re-starting our online Pāli study group, for those who enjoy studying online, especially with the support of a group.
Our next online study group meeting is scheduled for Sunday July 14, 9am (Pacific Time). You can just join in, applying is not needed. We may be choosing a lesson from Exploring the Path as topic to work with during the session, so please have a look at this online course in advance.
The meeting is held on GoToMeeting and can be easily joined from computer, tablet or smartphone (Access Code: 386 297 389), or by dialing in (United States: +1 (646) 749 3122).  New to GoToMeeting? Get the app in advance so you are ready when the meeting starts…  
Join Study Group July 14, 9am
Upcoming Pāli Workshops (2019)
Introductorio (Costa Rica): 19 - 25 de agosto (Adriana Patiño - ES)
Introductory (Calif., USA):  September 21 - October 1 (Sean Salkin)
Intermediate (Calif., USA):  October 1 - 5 (Sean Salkin)
Introductory (Poland):  November 19 - December 1 (Klaus Nothnagel)
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Upcoming Pilgrimages
Pariyatti organizes different pilgrimages for Vipassana meditators (as taught by S.N. Goenka). The itinerary of Along the Path enables the pilgrims to visit and meditate at the four great places related to the Buddha's life, as well as four other inspiring and important locations in India & Nepal; The Golden Path travels to the main sites associated with the chain of teachers in the tradition of Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka in Burma (Myanmar).
Along the Path - (North India & Nepal):
Den Pfad entlang - Indien & Nepal
朝圣路上 – 印度、尼泊尔
2019年9月30日至10月21日 / September 30 - October 21, 2019 (Chinese)
October 31 - November 21, 2019 (English-German) - applications closed/
31. Oktober bis 21. November 2019 (Englisch/Deutsch) - geschlossen
2020年1月31日至2月21日/ January 31 – February 21, 2020 (Chinese)
February 29 - March 21, 2020 (English)
The Golden Path - (Burma):
December 17, 2019 - January 3, 2020 (English)
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