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New Pariyatti Editions

Journey of Insight Meditation
After a few decades having been out of print, Journey of Insight Meditation by Eric Lerner is now available again—in Pariyatti Edition print and eBook versions (ePub, Mobi, free PDF).
“Journey of Insight Meditation not only gives a fine introduction to Vipassana but sets a standard of excellence for spiritual journals of its kind. It is so good because Lerner is highly aware of the difference between the twin pitfalls of over-enthusiasm and over-analysis. His book is readable, thought-provoking and very real. Strongly recommended.”
—Library Journal
Journey of Insight Meditation
For three days I waged war with my mind. But when Hover described the process as “putting a ring through the nose of a bull,” the metaphors of combat, struggle, and progress made the operation totally familiar. I was operating within the framework of my entire life. Here is what you want, here are the obstacles, here is how to eliminate them; this is what indicates your progress. In-breath, out-breath, in-breath, out-breath. Great pleasure at watching seven in a row. Fury at the thought of my wife. Not at her, at me for thinking of her. A savage blow squashed the image. In-breath, out-breath, in-breath... great calm and then its description! How wonderful it was, how I would explain it to Hover. YOU ASS! This time I couldn’t even remember whether the last one was an in or an out. How much time did I waste on that thought? Who was I fighting with?
Somehow, though, this crude struggle worked. Longer and longer spans of attention to the breath alone developed. Finally I became attentive enough to feel the thoughts just as they arose, and then even to anticipate them. I aborted them mercilessly, smiled at my prowess, and was dumbstruck when the brunt of my own assault hit me squarely between the eyes.
Journey of Insight Meditation
Footprints in the Dust—cover
Footprints in the Dust
The Pariyatti Edition of Footprints in the Dust by Venerable Dhammika has just come out too: also in print and eBook.
Venerable Dhammika has pieced together the life events of the Buddha from very early texts. This truly authoritative biography shows that as a man, as well as a teacher, the historical Buddha was remarkable indeed.
"As Sarah Shaw says in the Foreword: 'What was the Buddha like as a human being? How did he relate to others?'
We have always heard remarks that say the Buddha was a human, like you and I; he was not a god. Naturally then we wonder what was he really like. Was he a human but a superman as well? We read stories of his younger days as a prince living in palaces, with a large entourage in a fairy tale setting. In this book the author S. Dhammika, himself a monk of almost 50 years, gives us a more realistic picture of the Buddha according to the Tripitaka. He has stripped off the glamour and glitter and tells us about how the Buddha lived at that time, how he spent his days whilst in retreat or on the road.
Like a chapter says: A day in the Buddha’s life. He has based his account on what he considered are more reliable sources rather than just fairy stories or hearsay. S. Dhammika admits that some parts of the account of the Buddha’s life are not recorded but he has tried as far as he could to take us through different aspects of the Buddha’s life and in different settings such as his relationship with the monastics, as a teacher, and how and what he taught. It is not a book with suttas and Buddhist doctrines, but rather a book about the Buddha as a person. We can imagine him as a person from his early days without all the glamour and fantasies but as a person we can relate to.

If you want to know about the Buddha as a person, then this book will give you that."
—Buddhist Library, NSW, Australia
Footprints in the Dust
We offer a free non-printable PDF of most, if not all, Pariyatti Editions, including the two above-mentioned. Our free PDFs ensure that everyone—regardless of their financial situation—has access to our titles. For those looking at purchasing the print edition, PDFs are a great tool to view the book before ordering.
A big thank you to the volunteers who help us with the eBook creation, so that we can offer our eBook bundles at low costs and PDFs free of charge.

2024 Pariyatti Wall Calendars

Following positive feedback last year, we have decided to expand our Wall Calendar offerings. In addition to the Pariyatti Pilgrimage Wall Calendar—featuring photos taken during several Along the Path pilgrimages through India & Nepal—we now offer a Pariyatti Journal Wall Calendar as well—displaying one or more artistic Pariyatti Journal entries each month. 
The Pilgrimage Calendar is available in:
11'' x 16.5'' – USA & Canada
A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) – Rest of the World

The Pariyatti Journal Calendar is available in various formats:
USA & Canada:
Ledger vertical (11" x 16.5")
LT vertical (11" x 8.5")
Slim vertical (5.5" x 16.5")
Rest of the World:
A3 vertical (29.7 x 42 cm)
A4 vertical (21 x 29.7 cm)
Slim vertical (14.8 x 40 cm)
Pariyatti Pilgrimage Calendar
Pariyatti Pilgrimage Calendar
Pariyatti Journal Calendar
Pariyatti  Journal Calendar
Browse Pariyatti Wall Calendars
Please note that the prices for the calendars include shipping costs; they will be shipped directly from a third-party printer.
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Radical Therapy, audiobook
We have just released for online streaming and download the Pariyatti audiobook version of Bodhi Leaves No. 123, Radical Therapy, Buddhist Precepts in the Modern World, by Lily de Silva, read by volunteer narrator Jim Swift. It can be found in the Pariyatti Edition of Collected Bodhi Leaves Vol. V. The eBook of the individual booklet is available from the Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) website.
Browse Free Pariyatti Audiobooks
We are grateful to the volunteer narrators who offer their time, voice, and recording skills so that we can offer our audiobooks free of charge.

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If you live outside the USA and are looking to order print books, please check
our list of non-US retailers. Ordering with them could save you in shipping costs. Many of the titles that Pariyatti publishes are set up with Amazon's print-on-demand service, so you may be able to order those directly from Amazon in your country.
Recent Releases for the Global Community
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Realizing Change (French Translation)
Translation of
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The Moon Appears When the Water is Still (Lithuanian - PDF eBook)
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Maha-satipaṭṭhāna sutta—Swedish
Translation of 
A big thank you to the various translation teams that contact us with the volition to translate a certain title and carry it out. Wonderful work has been achieved. May the translations be of benefit to many!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Besides the various book sections—including on The Buddha and His Teaching, Pāli Language, Vipassana Meditation—our website is host to several other sections that are worthwhile exploring when looking for meaningful holiday gifts. 
Wall Art
Observing the Flow—framed
Aluminum Print – Bodhi Leaves
Aluminum Print Gong
Gifts & Art
Mountain Dreaming – Wood Print
Mountain Dreaming - hanger
Please note that the prices for the wall art & calendar include shipping costs; orders will be shipped directly from a third-party printer.
meditation cushions from India
Meditation Accessories
Mysterious tricolour Twill meditation shawl—Ivory-Lotus-Monet
Various colours & sized meditation shawls
Morals_activity Book
Children's Section
I once was a Monkey-story book
The Path of Joy
Colouring book
Published roughly between 1960 and 2007 in Sri Lanka, the renowned Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) Wheel Publication Series covers a wide range of topics, dealing with various aspects of the Buddha’s teaching. From the analytical philosophy of the Abhidhamma to Buddhist perspectives on the eco crisis, the series also includes translations of the Buddha’s discourses from the Pāli Canon. The Wheel booklets measure 4.8" x 7.2".
We have 136 different Wheel titles in stock and they are all available for free, with an option to donate to the Dana Distribution Fund (DDF). Although still available in the Collected Wheel series, most (if not all) of these classic Wheels are not being reprinted as single booklets anymore; we have the last print run in stock.

They make such a great gift as you can compile—or 'mix and match'—booklets with the topics that interest you (or the fortunate receiver) most.
Two Dialogues on Dhamma
His Services Wheel 159/161
Everyman's ethics
Investigation for Insight—Wheel 301/302
Browse Wheels
The DDF program allows us to offer a significant number of books and media freely to monks, nuns, monasteries, meditation centers, and others.
Online Orders:
We will be open for shipping for a large part of December;
we will be closed December 23 - January 4.
Shop in Person
We open our doors at our Onalaska location on days courses end
at Dhamma Kuñja. Opening hours: 7:30-10am (-ish)
November 26
December 10 & 17
Onalaska, WA 98570, United States

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Pāli Workshop
September 7–28, 2024 (Temecula, California, USA 🇺🇸)—20 days
Photo of a 2013 Pāli workshop with Klaus
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Upcoming Pariyatti Presents... Event
Klaus Nothnagel: Deeper Aspects of Sīla, the ethical lifestyle of non-harm but positive engagement as provided by the Buddha
Sunday December 17, 11am ET
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Upcoming Pilgrimage Dates
Along the Path – India & Nepal
March 2–23, 2024
recent pilgrimage image
Oct-Nov 2023 Pariyatti Pilgrims meditate in the Saptaparni Cave in Rajgir
ABOVE: 2023 Pariyatti Pilgrims meditate in the Saptaparni Cave in Rajgir, where the first Buddhist Council was held, immediately after the Buddha passed away to the state of parinibbāna, as a way to preserve and protect the Dhamma. LEFT: View over Rajgir during the climb to the Saptaparni Cave.
Pilgrimage Information & Application
Pariyatti Learning Center (PLC) logo

Following questions from Old Students (meditators who have completed at least one 10-day Vipassana course as taught by S.N. Goenka) who are studying the online Pāli course Exploring the Path (ETP), a new chapter has been created with notes on the Paṭiccasamuppāda and the Tikapaṭṭhāna-chantings (3.10).  


Meditator/Pāli students often mention noticing a significant difference between the general Paritta recitations during Goenkaji’s courses (the majority of the morning chantings) and the morning chantings on day five—the day after Vipassana after has been introduced—and on day six—the reciting of the Paṭiccasamuppāda.


The Paṭiccasamuppāda is prose only, whereas the composition of all other chantings is in gāthās. The Paṭiccasamuppāda, however, gets explained in detail in the evening discourses; the day-five chanting of the Tikapaṭṭhāna remains more of a mystery. It originates from what is described as ‘The Higher Teaching’—the ‘Abhidhamma’.


The recitation on day five stands out from the other chantings as it is perceptibly longer, the body of the chanting varies significantly, the speed of the recitation is noticeably higher, and it doesn’t seem to follow any recognisable meter.  


When arriving to the course early, old students at times may notice that the conducting ATs meditate before the course starts with an even longer recitation of the Tikapaṭṭhāna, as originally chanted by Sayagyi U Ba Khin. 


Before diving into the ETP 3.10 lessons on those recitations, we will first provide Lesson 3.10.6 – Abhidhamma – Introduction and Terminology, the inaugurating chapter with some general preliminary remarks about the background, terminology, and content of the Abhidhamma. 

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A big thank you to the PLC course creators.
May your service be of benefit to many!

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