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Cover of Discourse on the Fruits of Recluseship translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Cover of Deepening Insight by Bhikkhu Anālayo

Cover of The Equanimous Mind by Manish Chopra

Cover of In the Spirit of the Buddha by Paul and Susan Fleischman

Pare ca na vijānanti
mayamettha yamāmase.
Ye ca tattha vijānanti
tato sammanti medhagā.

There are those who do not realize
that one day we all must die.
But those who do realize this
settle their quarrels.

—Dhammapada 1.6

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    Śīla hamāre puṣṭa hoṅ,
    hove citta aḍola.
    Pragyā jāge bīndhatī,
    deya granthiyāṅ khola.

    May we be strong in moral conduct,
    may our minds be unwavering,
    may penetrating insight arise
    to untie our bonds.

    —S.N. Goenka

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