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In the Pariyatti Presents… program we host author talks as well as other talks, interviews, and lectures with guests from all over the the world. The program is set up to learn from the authors about their works and writing processes, and explore a wide range of topics—from vipassana meditation and its implication in daily life, to the Tipiṭaka, the Pāli language, pilgrimages, and other topics related to the practice and theory of the Buddha’s teachings. Although presenters may share their thoughts on different topics, the goal is the same—that all of these offerings serve as inspiration to help support those walking on the path of Dhamma.

Recordings of past events can be found under Event Recordings.

Realizing Change
Realizing Change is a Pariyatti Presents... sub-series launched in 2022. Inspired by a book first published by Pariyatti in 2003 (Realizing Change: Vipassana Meditation in Action by Ian Hetherington), this series of online events is aimed to give a platform to fellow Vipassana meditators to share their personal stories, with the focus on how Vipassana meditation has impacted (and impacts) their lives.

We would like to hear from you
No matter where you are from or what your life looks like, your story could be of inspiration to other meditators; hearing from our peers provides an opportunity for relating and learning—whether it's from their struggles or their insight. Don't be shy! Please get in touch with us via if you would like to share your personal journey as it relates to Vipassana meditation.

Upcoming Events

Events Dates

Ven. S. Dhammika: Interview on Footprints in the Dust

Sunday August 25
4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern = Monday August 26 at 9am Brisbane, Australia.
Duration 2 hours (including Q&A session)
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Patrick Given-Wilson: A Householder Tradition

Sunday September 22
4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern = Monday September 23 at 9am Sydney, Australia
Duration 1 hour 15 minutes (including Q&A session)
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Event Recordings