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This program consists of hosting talks and workshops by eminent speakers at various locations including the Pariyatti facility in Onalaksa, Washington, USA. The talks will explore a wide range of topics from the Tipitaka, the Pali language, and other topics related to the practice and theory as taught by the Buddha. These talks and workshops provide an opportunity for the presenter to share their area(s) of expertise with the audience.  Although presenters may share their thoughts on different topics, the goal is the same – that all of these offerings serve as inspiration to help support those walking on the path of Dhamma.

Dr. Panth, a Buddhist scholar, was the inaugural speaker for this program, and he gave a series of talks and a couple of workshops. Watch his talk The Revival of Pilgrimage in India below.

Dhamma Story Time

Please join us online each week for live Dhamma stories. Volunteers will read inspirational excerpts from our catalog. Sessions last for about 30 minutes.

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You can join from your computer, tablet or smartphone via the browser or the GoToMeeting app. If you install the GoToMeeting app now, you will be ready before the next session starts. You can also dial in by phone to any of the numbers listed below. Access Code: 577-923-085.  

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Public talk: The Revival of Pilgrimage in India

Dr. Panth

Dr. Panth is M.A. History, M.A. Buddhist Studies (Gold Medalist) University of Delhi, M.Phil. and Ph.D. He was the Director & Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University from 2000 to 2016. Prior to that he served as the Director of the Vipassana Research Institute for 14 years under the guidance of Goenkaji.

Dr. Panth is a widely travelled scholar with more than 75 research papers to his credit, presented at various Indian and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He has delivered more than 70 special lectures in India and abroad, and has edited and published more than 20 books.

He is now working as Professor of Buddhist Studies at the Gautam Buddha University at Greater Noida, (NCR Delhi), India.

To get an idea of Dr. Panth's ebullient presentation style, below is a link to a video of him giving a presentation with Charles Allen, author of Ashoka, called "Rediscovering the Buddha".

View video on YouTube

View video on Vimeo

Additionally, below are recordings from a Pāli workshop that Dr. Panth gave in India in 1994.

Intro to Pali Grammar
Names of Centers
Karaniyametta Suttam
Paticcasamuppada & Metta-bhavana
Ratana Suttam
Deva-ahvanasuttam and Adhitthana Group Sitting

Talk with Q&A: Vipassana Meditation and the Scientific Worldview

Interview and Q&A with Ian McCrorie

June 13, 2021

View on Youtube

Book and eBook

Future Events

Event Speaker Dates
Talk and discussion on The Equanimous Mind (2nd edition) Manish Chopra Sunday, September 19, 2021
11am to 1pm Eastern
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Talk and discussion on Cultivating Inner Peace for which Pariyatti has just released an audiobook version. Dr. Paul R. Fleischman Sunday, October 24, 2021
11am to 1pm Eastern
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