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The Shakers: The Benefits and Limits of Selectivity (from Cultivating Inner Peace)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Chapter 8 - The Shakers: The Benefits and Limits of Selectivity
from Cultivating Inner Peace by Paul R. Fleischman, M.D.

"The Shakers are an example. Paragons of selectivity, they produced one of the great outpourings of spiritual peace in American history, yet their heritage is masked by an intensely ambivalent reception that speaks to the essential tension which selectivity addresses. The Shakers deserve our attention as exemplars of both the strengths and pitfalls involved in selectivity. Their example highlights how you can intensify your relationship to peace every day via rigorous selectivity, but also how selectivity can be overdone and become paradoxically un-selective. The Shakers command our attention around the question: Just how much selectivity is peace-bearing, and how much is stifling?"

Dr. Paul Fleischman
Massachusetts, USA
27 minutes

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Copyright, 2020 Paul R. Fleischman

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