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Dana is a Pāli word that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or donation. Vipassana meditation teacher S.N. Goenka described the dāna pāramī in one of his discourses as follows.
“All the money that comes generates ego in you. This is why saintly people, enlightened people advised that whatever you earn, you keep understanding that you are not earning only for yourself. Of course, you are earning for your own maintenance and the maintenance of all those who depend on you. But you are also earning for others... Then the ego becomes less, less, less… If you expect something in return, the dāna that you give becomes very impure. So the charity that comes from a mind of purity — wanting to help others, wanting to see others come out of their misery — this goes to your credit as a pāramī. Otherwise, when the ego gets built up, it is not a pāramī.”
Pāli language lesson on Dasa Pāramī - The Ten Perfections - in the Pariyatti Learning Center (PLC) uses this excerpt from S.N. Goenka's discourse too.
The following is an excerpt of Dana, The Practice of Giving by Bikkhu Bodhi.

"The goal of the Buddhist path is emancipation from the suffering of repeated existence in saṃsāra. The Buddha taught that uprooting ignorance and the mental defilements it nurtures will bring us to Nibbāna, the utter cessation of suffering. Unwholesome mental tendencies make us cling to what we mistakenly take to be our “selves,” they keep us struggling to satisfy our insatiable sense desires with objects that are inherently transitory and thus unsatisfying.
The Buddha said that the practice of giving will aid us in our efforts to purify the mind. Generous gifts accompanied by wholesome volition help to eradicate suffering in three ways. First, when we decide to give something of our own to someone else, we simultaneously reduce our attachment to the object; to make a habit of giving can thus gradually weaken the mental factor of craving, one of the main causes of unhappiness. Second, giving accompanied by wholesome volition will lead to happy future births in circumstances favourable to encountering and practising the pure Dhamma. Third, and most important, when giving is practised with the intention that the mind becomes pliant enough for attainment of Nibbāna, the act of generosity will 'will help us develop virtue, concentration and wisdom (sīla, samādhi, paññā) right in the present.'"
Image shows screen shot from 'Danā, A documentary on generosity'. It links through to the movie.
Meditators from different countries work as volunteers at Dhamma Neru, one of the permanent Vipassana Meditation Centers around the world, run exclusively on dāna - monetarily or as service.
VIEW ‘DANA - A documentary on generosity’
Thank you for your support
It’s with much gratitude we let you know that during the past fortnight we received enough donations to enter the first phase of the ‘handbook give-away program’. This program supports new Vipassana meditators - fresh from their first 10-day course - in establishing a meditation practice, with copies of Bill Crecelius’ A Meditator’s Handbook on offer for free at Vipassana centers on Metta days.  
Having received enough seed funding allows us to start a trial at one center- to find out whether the program can be self-sustainable (a donation box will be placed next to the pile of copies). Should you want to support this project, donations are still welcome via our Dana Distribution Fund (DDF). Please mention handbook give-away in the comment section. 
Cover of the title 'A Meditator's Handbook'. Links leads to the specific product page on
FREE Audiobook
A Meditator's Handbook is now available as an audiobook as well. You can listen to it for free (audio stream or download) as read by the author. 
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screen shot of the Gem Set in Gold in Farsi leading to the product page.
NEW in our catalog is a video of the Gem Set in Gold for Farsi speakers. The video contains the audio recording of all Pāli and Hindi chanting by S.N. Goenka from a 10-day Vipassana meditation course. The Pāli or Hindi text and both the English and Farsi translations appear on the screen in sync with the audio.


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“The Pāli workshop strengthened my practice [of Vipassana]. The teacher was able to answer so many of my questions regarding practice and attitude toward Buddha's teachings.”
“I'd like to see the entire workshop repeated with different sutras. It was wonderful.”
Learn Pāli for free at Pariyatti’s Learning Centre (PLC). The PLC currently offers an ‘Introduction to Pāli’ course, an intermediate Pāli course - Exploring the Path - and a course called Buddhasahassanāmāvali that uses verses by Vipassana meditation teacher S.N. Goenka as the basis for learning Pāli.
Introduction to Pāli offers number of learning tools to help you become familiar with the grammar, pronunciation and declensions used in the Pāli language. It is intended to provide a background as well as a continual reference for students that are working through the other sections of the PLC. 
Topic 1 uses lessons from the Pāli Workbook by Lynn Martineau.

Unit 4 from Topic 1 is about the ‘five friends’ Goenkaji speaks about during Vipassana meditation courses, also called ‘indryā’ (in Pāli), or masteries.   
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Dhamma Verses
Dukhiyāre dukhamukta hoṅ,
bhaya tyāgeṅ bhayabhīta.
Dvesha choḍa kara loga saba,
kareṅ paraspara prīta.
May the wretched be freed of suffering,
may the fearful be rid of fear.
May all people forsake hatred;
may they love each other.
–S.N. Goenka
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